Rip & Lisa’s Reno’s…so far!

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It’s still a work in progress, but here is where we “were” and here is where we “are!”

BUT, if you are a MEMBER of Interior Inspirations, by November 15th, Sunday, we are going to be posting another video and we want YOU to help us with the rest of our renovations!!  We want YOUR help!

That’s right … as “Members” we will be sharing with you the on-going remaining renovations of our home and will be asking for your participation. We will be asking for YOUR ideas and tips…take them all into consideration, present 3 options, take a majority vote, and then Rip and I will go from there! How fun, will that be?!  If you’re not a member but want to get in on the fun, then click here. It’s super easy and we’d love for you to come on in!

Rip and I want to have a home that reflects YOU, our friends and our supporters! We want the rest of our renovation to literally show the love and support that YOU constantly show us…so thank you thank you!!

But also… we want to share the renovating and remodeling of our clients homes – (the Turner’s, Wright’s, Yaglowski’s, William’s and possibly 3 new clients (waiting to confirm this week!) It’s just all so much and too much fun to work with families who are truly wanting to create “Home Sweet Home.”  Oh, and their before and afters will encourage you, too, so much!

Y’all, in these families homes we are having the best time taking down walls, putting in raised subfloors for all new hardwoods, renovating kitchens with subway tiles, paint and new decor’, … we’re transforming an attic to all  livable space, with a kitchen, full bath, media area and special kids loft … small changes to a Nashville kitchen that will bring a completely different look & feel, along with adding an entire master bathroom, taking down walls for a much larger open plan…

Interior Inspirations is something Rip and I love and never take for granted. And it’s the joy of helping in every possible way — in turning hearts toward home!

We love y’all!

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