Month: October 2023

How To Create Calming Bedrooms

By lisa rippy / October 29, 2023

Hi friend! It’s Friday and one “to-do” on my homemaking list for the weekend is getting more creative in our bedrooms. When we have guests, (namely, my cousin Susie when she’s in town on business), we love setting out the guest bathroom basket full of those special items for a…

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11 Tips for a “Fall Prep Punch List” – Preparing Your Home for the Holidays and Winter Months

By lisa rippy / October 12, 2023

Fall is here, and that means the holidays, and some cold winter months, will be here soon. Have you ever wished you had a check-list of sorts that would help you get all of your home, inside and out, ready for the holidays? Ready for guests? Ready for celebrations? And…

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How Our Family Room Gained Useable Square Footage Without Knocking Down Walls

By lisa rippy / October 12, 2023

Welcome to our family room! However, this photo was taken after moving into our little farmhouse in 2018, and we had been ‘making it home’ for only a year and a half. Standing inside our home and looking into this space made us both so, so grateful – we always…

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