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New Posts: What’s Happening at Asbury, Defaming Others, and More!

By lisa rippy / February 25, 2023

Hi friend! Hope you are doing well and are looking forward to the Spring! Don’t you just love this little bench all tucked inside an inviting cover of shrubbery and flowers? I can only imagine the fragrance of that special place and you know there are more than likely plenty…

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What’s Happening at Asbury College and Why?

By lisa rippy / February 24, 2023

“What’s happening at Asbury has been praised and critiqued. Before you condemn the critique of Asbury, remember healthy critique can be a good thing. It’s healthy for the people of God and if done with the proper motives and through the lens of Scripture as our authority—it exposes error and…

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Welcome New Members

By lisa rippy / February 16, 2023

Welcome New Members! As you become a MEMBER to this website, you have access to more than only the blog.  What is shared on the blog? The blog is where you will find posts related to areas of Interior Inspirations, (organizing, decorating, design), DIYs, and some doable suggestions in bringing…

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The Rippy Place – For Sale

By lisa rippy / January 31, 2023

Welcome to The Rippy Place!  And … it’s for sale! So, here is our little farmhouse “before” and it was a darling little blue house at the time when we moved in in April of 2018…. We walked inside and saw its potential and yet, we also saw that is…

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Love Keeps No List of Wrongs

By lisa rippy / October 19, 2022

“Love keeps no record of wrongs.” Some Bible translations says, “Love thinks no evil.” The word literally “thinks no evil” is the Greek word logizomai. And that word is an accountant’s word; it literally means “to keep a mathematical calculation.” It is the word that is used in a ledger…

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REGISTER HERE for the 1,2,3, John Bible Study

By lisa rippy / August 16, 2022

So, to help simplify registering for the bible study – simply email Brian Rhodus at and he will be happy to add you into the bible study group. Again, this is for anyone who would like to join physically or online. All lessons will be provided through video and…

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Rise and Shine!

By lisa rippy / April 12, 2021

Rise and shine! The sun is coming up! The dawn of a new day is happening and in only a short while, the moment of dawning will be behind us and we will find ourselves in the middle of mid-morning. Time. It won’t stand still. Time is movement in the…

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Another Lovely Day

By lisa rippy / September 20, 2020

When I wake up now, I realize that my Saturday and Sunday mornings of sitting out in my swing, surrounded by all our green flourishing trees and plants, is soon to be on a “seasonal hold.” Once it’s too cold to sit outside and watch the sunrise, I’ll be inside…

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A Nursing Mother Cared Enough To …

By lisa rippy / October 23, 2019

It’s been one of those nights. I’m sitting here on our family room sofa and it’s ridiculously early in the morning, but it’s because I have a good bit on my mind. It’s just me and the dogs. And this super quieted home. There’s something about being up when no…

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look to the lilies photo of yellow flower

Look to the Lilies … and Watch What Happens Next!

By lisa rippy / March 22, 2019

“Look to the lilies and how they grow…” Luke 12:27 I had one of those mornings – started off with reading Psalm 62, then Samantha came into the room and read to me her devotional from her new book, “Embraced.” And in both times of just sitting and listening, it was…

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