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“Yet Hates…”

By lisa rippy / September 17, 2022

Yet hates … (1 John 2:9) I can remember the day I was sitting on our sofa at home, study Bible in my lap and coming to 1 John 2:9. I just couldn’t breeze on over to verse 10 because of these two words that stopped me right there  –…

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Week 5 – 1 John Bible Study (1 John 2:3-11)

By lisa rippy / September 15, 2022

Hi friend! This past Wednesday night we started right into the section of John’s letter that addressed the visible marks of having truly been born again. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO LESSON – WEEK 5 (1 John 2:3-11) 1 John Week 5 HANDOUT Certainty of Obedience The home assignment is one…

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Week 4 – 1 John Bible Study (1 John 1:5-2:2)

By lisa rippy / September 9, 2022

Hi friends, It’s raining here right now at our home in Mississippi as I sit here at my home desk hearing it pitter patter on the roof. What is it about the sound of rain that is so soothing? Well, this past Wednesday night was another very special time in…

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Week 3 – 1 John Bible Study (1 John 1:1-4)

By lisa rippy / September 2, 2022

Hi friend, And Happy Labor Day weekend! CLICK HERE  for last Wednesday night’s teaching video — And I’ve attached the handout we used in class….simply view the video for filling in the blanks. This handout is also saved in this group under FILES. 1 John Week 3 Handout It was so…

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Week 2 – 1 John Bible Study

By lisa rippy / August 26, 2022

Hi friend, What a wonderful night of listening and gathering more insights from the Word we had this past Wednesday night!  I knew it was going to take the full time together to cover such a volume of material, but it’s so necessary that we understand who John was as he…

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Week 1 – 1 John Bible Study

By lisa rippy / August 19, 2022

Hi friend! This past Wednesday was our first week into the 1 John Bible Study and it was such a special time. If you would like to join in, you can. Simply email Brian Rhodus and he will provide you with some information to get you plugged in.   Once…

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REGISTER HERE for the 1,2,3, John Bible Study

By lisa rippy / August 16, 2022

So, to help simplify registering for the bible study – simply email Brian Rhodus at and he will be happy to add you into the bible study group. Again, this is for anyone who would like to join physically or online. All lessons will be provided through video and…

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You’re Invited To … Living Certain In and Uncertain World

By lisa rippy / August 15, 2022

This Wednesday, August 17th, I will be teaching a bible study that I’ve been writing and preparing for 2 1/2 years, and it wasn’t until July 2021, when it was time to compile everything into an expositional study of 1, 2, 3 John. We will meet at First Baptist Church…

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The Art of Slowing Down

By lisa rippy / April 14, 2021

Rip and I live on land that allows us to do so many things … things that are so refreshingly unpretentious that they could easily be overlooked. Yet, we know the simplicity of our country life are blessings from God to be enjoyed, but also shared with whomever God sends…

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Rise and Shine!

By lisa rippy / April 12, 2021

Rise and shine! The sun is coming up! The dawn of a new day is happening and in only a short while, the moment of dawning will be behind us and we will find ourselves in the middle of mid-morning. Time. It won’t stand still. Time is movement in the…

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