Month: January 2017

Pump This Iron

By Libby Williams / January 31, 2017

                               “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17 One of my former churches had several very young pastors. They were all about building their muscles and their strength. That’s a good thing.  I…

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Where to Start When Redecorating a Kitchen

By lisa rippy / January 28, 2017

Warm. Happy. Sunny. Bright. Cheerful. Clean. Organized. Simple. Beautiful. Joyful. Heartfelt. Do those words describe your kitchen? Yes, that one special room in our home that most reflects our “heart for home” is the kitchen. We tend to live in that one room more than any other, which makes it…

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Living In the Then's

By lisa rippy / January 27, 2017

To share ‘how your serving is coming’ could feel a little braggadocious, but here’s why I love to encourage the lifestyle of serving. It’s not to give us a platform to brag…heavens no! It’s to give a platform to show how the life of service is bringing glory to God and…

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How's the Serving Coming?

By lisa rippy / January 24, 2017

So, last night didn’t go quite as Rip and I had planned. My cousin is in town with her son and we had invited them to dinner. But as the day came to a close, after running here and there throughout our city’s capital building all day, (serving as a…

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On Star

By Libby Williams / January 24, 2017

            “When they saw the star they rejoiced with exceedingly great job.” Matthew 5:10 Ever feel like you need a star to guide you?  I found myself driving home in the fog and drizzle of a dark and dreary night. All of a sudden; right…

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Serving Up a G I V E A W A Y

By lisa rippy / January 23, 2017

Happy Monday! I have another GIVEAWAY that I am very excited ’bout!! Last week, the giveaway was “Make Room for What You Love.” A book at the top of my favorites list so far for 2017! It’s Magnolia Market’s Decorative Tin Tray! Yes, the Fixer Upper Chip & Joanna Magnolia…

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Grab a Legal Pad…and Create a P.L.A.N.

By lisa rippy / January 21, 2017

Some New Year’s resolutions may already be wearing off, especially in ways that require us to be “well managers of time.” Maybe this little video will encourage us to be so thrilled, literally grateFUL for every minute of our day that we live (with greater intentionality and productivity) in carrying…

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Redecorating a Few China Cabinets

By lisa rippy / January 19, 2017

As soon as I pulled up to the house, I could hear a loud skill saw being used in the backyard. There was some commotion going on back there and I knew why!  A wedding reception was going to be held at the bride’s home in just a few days…

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By Libby Williams / January 19, 2017

 “‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.  Leviticus 2:19 We hear this word often in Christian circles; as well as in the media. (Community)  How do we accomplish community?  Webster defines community in this…

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Cleaning Out

By Libby Williams / January 18, 2017

                    “Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me.”  Psalm 51:10 There is cleaning out and then there is CLEANING OUT!  My step mother passed away on December 27, 2016.  Ruby was one of…

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