Month: January 2018

Absolutely! – Part 12 – (Financial Absolute – 1)

By Lisa Rippy / January 30, 2018

There is one Financial Absolute that is talked about over and over again, 1 out of every 10 verses, in the gospels. There is this one Financial Absolute that, out of 38 parables of Christ’s in the gospels, 16 of them touch on directly. That is 288 verses in the…

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Absolutely! – Part 11 – (Physical Absolute – 3)

By Lisa Rippy / January 26, 2018

When it comes to physical absolutes, the greatest temptation is to … quit. To just lose the focus on the Temple (our bodies) and to give in to feelings of, “It doesn’t really matter in the long run.”  But in today’s final physical absolute, the encouragement that Rene’ and I…

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Absolutely! – Part 10 – (Physical Absolute -2)

By Lisa Rippy / January 24, 2018

There is an absolute for our physical life that the Word of God literally calls “good.” It is a good. Not sorta good. Not a little bit good. And not good only if we see that it is good. The Bible says that this one absolute is GOOD. And when…

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Absolutely! – Part 9 (Physical Absolute – 1)

By Lisa Rippy / January 22, 2018

This is probably going to be one of the most practical absolutes we cover – all 3 of the Physical Absolutes will touch on things that we literally can “do” and for some of us, these “do’s” just may turn into some real PERSONAL CONVICTIONS. For example, today’s Absolute has…

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Absolutely! – Part 8 (Relational Absolute – 3)

By Lisa Rippy / January 20, 2018

Did you know that there is something in the Bible that is so powerful, it literally holds every bit of God’s promises in its core? God has said that as we daily draw near to Him, that we’re to practice this … … literally, do it with increasing intentionality. With…

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Absolutely! – Part 7 (Relational Absolute – 2)

By Lisa Rippy / January 18, 2018

Have you ever noticed just how many verses there are that directly speak to us concerning ‘how we relate with others?”  Our relationship with God is vital to our Christian walk, but your dating life, the health of your marriage, and your family and friend relationships also reflect on your…

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Absolutely! – Part 6 (Relational Absolute – 1)

By Lisa Rippy / January 16, 2018

Quick questions… when it comes to relationships in your life, which are: The most cherished? The most challenging? The most daring? The most difficult? The most meaningful? The most mean? The most rewarding? The most riveting? The most happy? The most hurtful? The most … loving? And how would you…

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Absolutely! – Part 5 (Spiritual Absolute – 3)

By Lisa Rippy / January 14, 2018

“….Do not.”  Just those two words alone, when we read them in Scripture, tend to cause our ears to perk waaaaay up. Just like when little kids want to get into somethin’ they know they have no busy getting in to and all of a sudden they hear the familiar…

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Absolutely! – Part 4 (Spiritual Absolute – 2)

By Lisa Rippy / January 11, 2018

When you think about your average week, what priorities come to mind that require your energies, your passions, and possibly the largest investment of your time? These are things in your life that are “musts” when it comes to what “must get of our attention.” It must get done. It…

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Absolutely! – Part 3 (Spiritual Absolute -1)

By Lisa Rippy / January 8, 2018

Hi friends! I hope you have had a great weekend prepping your home and getting “your spot” all ready for bible study. There is just nothing that compares with opening God’s Word with friends, getting our noses all buried into the study of His Scriptures with sisters! So, we are…

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