Absolutely! – Part 5 (Spiritual Absolute – 3)

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“….Do not.”  Just those two words alone, when we read them in Scripture, tend to cause our ears to perk waaaaay up. Just like when little kids want to get into somethin’ they know they have no busy getting in to and all of a sudden they hear the familiar and very instructional voice of their parent declare; “Do not ______!”  Do not touch that! Do not stick that in your mouth! Do not put that on your little sister’s head! Do not stand on that! Do not wipe that on the wall! Do not … do not … do not! And every time, the message is super clear –

Do not do what you are wanting, are contemplating, and are fixing to do! 


Because it is not what is best for you. It can hurt you or someone else. It can cause you pain, injury, or conflict with other people.

The bottom line is this – out of our love for our children, we use the words “do not” when we know they need to know and understand clearly what NOT to do. For one reason or another, it’s simply not what is best for them, can hurt them, or can hurt others.

This is where we are in our last Spiritual Absolute. It is our first absolute that has a direct command of, “do not” in it’s instructions to us.

But…that’s not all.

There is also something so miraculous tucked inside of this “do not absolute” that tells us (point blank) what we ARE to do! In this ONE absolute, we find what we ARE to do – one day at a time – one moment at a time – and if we do this one absolute, there is such a promise from God that comes with it of TREMENDOUS reward!!


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