Absolutely! – Part 4 (Spiritual Absolute – 2)

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When you think about your average week, what priorities come to mind that require your energies, your passions, and possibly the largest investment of your time? These are things in your life that are “musts” when it comes to what “must get of our attention.” It must get done. It must be such a priority that it’s a driving force in your life….driving you to get meaningful and purposeful things done. In other words, you seek it. You seek to do it; to prioritize it. To make room in your life for it. You seek to even perfect it, maybe? You seek to devote possibly even more intentional time to it’s advancement and development.

Why not make a list right now before watching this video of your top 3 daily / weekly priorities. Go ahead, and in your notebook, write across the top of your page – Spiritual Absolute #2 – and then below that, write the top 3 priorities of your life. These 3 top priorities are almost clamoring to all be 1st on your life…one just as needy of your involvement and just as important as the other.

What exactly is a priority? It’s what we put before many other things. A priority is defined as this:

  • a thing that is regarded as more important than another; the right to take precedence or to proceed before others.
    As we are looking closer into God’s Word each week, we are defining the ABSOLUTES in Scripture for our life. They are where we find words where God has said, “this is greatest” or do this “first” or this is “most important.”  Those are all ways of saying this is to be PRIORITY in our life. And what is so interesting is when we find these ABSOLUTES, there is a VERB that is attached – an action, a behavior that is to reflect that ABSOLUTE in our life.

Absolute #2 in our SPIRITUAL category is what we are going to really look closely at today because it’s what Christ has said is to be THE #1 PRIORITY of our entire life. Jesus spoke about this priority more than any other topic throughout the entire New Testament. AND, after His resurrection, and before His ascension to Glory with His Father, it is ALL He talked about. It is also the purpose of why He was sent. He literally said in

Luke 4:43 – “I must __________________________, because that is why I was sent.”

Today’s video lesson is the MUST of Jesus’ life – and is to be the ABSOLUTE MUST of our life, too!

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