Absolutely! – Part 9 (Physical Absolute – 1)

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This is probably going to be one of the most practical absolutes we cover – all 3 of the Physical Absolutes will touch on things that we literally can “do” and for some of us, these “do’s” just may turn into some real PERSONAL CONVICTIONS.

For example, today’s Absolute has a personal conviction (for me) tucked inside it. And it’s this – I am personally convicted to NEVER allow life, and business, and the expectations of others to hinder me ever ever and ever again from regular and intense exercises for my body. After going from April to December of 2017, with no trips to the gym for real exercise (for me), I know that (for me) that simply can not be the case. Instead, (for me), 4-6 days of workouts at the gym is now a personal conviction that is right and good (for me), if I am going to perform at my best for the Lord, for my husband and for the ministries where God has called me to serve Him. This kind of workout schedule is not for everyone, but (for me), working out at my local gym 4-6 days a week is now a PERSONAL CONVICTION due to the absolutes you will hear today in our first Physical Absolute #1 video.

Have fun watching this!! We sure had fun making it…and I just hope the info we share will encourage you, too! And who knows, through viewing it, you, too, may come under the “personal conviction” of the Holy Spirit in some specific way, too.



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