Month: January 2018

Absolutely! – Part 2

By Lisa Rippy / January 6, 2018

Here is our little weekend “To-Do” y’all, before we get started into our bible study on Monday! Have a GREAT weekend and please be sure to join our FACEBOOK group page and post your photo AFTER you do what I suggest at the end of this video!! We’d all love…

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Absolutely! – Part 1

By Lisa Rippy / January 4, 2018

What we need more than anything in our life are not more goals, but we ned defined ABSOLUTES! I hope you will share this post with your friends and family, and we all join together in this journey in understanding how we can live in greater freedom, abiding joy, and…

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She Had No Idea!

By Lisa Rippy / January 3, 2018

Rip and I drove up to the Harvey’s restaurant in Tupelo, parked the car and went inside to get a booth … grinn’n like an opossum!  I texted her just as soon as we sat down to let her know we had made it and to call when she got…

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Absolutely, the New is Here!

By Lisa Rippy / January 1, 2018

The house is so quiet. Just like it is every January 1. No TV. Nothing but the hum of the refrigerator. Phone is off. Feet are up. And I’m taking a break from some reading to share a little with you that (I pray) just might be some encouragement for…

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