Month: September 2023

Easy-Peasy Chicken Pot Pie

By lisa rippy / September 29, 2023

It was one of the greatest nights for Rip and I last night and here’s why … we both were home early enough for us to do some “home-keeping” around the house. We were able to keep to our needed chores that living on 4+ acres requires and simply ‘put…

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Selecting the Right Exterior Paint Colors

By lisa rippy / September 28, 2023

Rip and I have a wonderful client, (and she’s quickly become a dear friend!), who asked us to help her with some interior and exterior projects for her new home. Once we had the initial walk through, Rip and I were both ready to get started. One of the projects…

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Be Glad!

By lisa rippy / September 25, 2023

Since the mid 1990’s, I’ve treasured the devotional book, “Morning and Evening” by Charles Hadden Spurgeon. As Spurgeon himself has written, this is how the LORD has used this one book in my life … “My hope lives not because I am not a sinner, but because I am a…

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Let’s Talk Green for a Minute

By lisa rippy / September 22, 2023

A question I’ve been asked from time to time is, “Can I mix blues with greens, or greens with grays when I’m decorating a room?” And that’s when I love to take them by the hand, walk with them outside and ask, “What do you think?” (smile)  It’s also when…

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10 Ideas for Your Fall Tables

By lisa rippy / September 14, 2023

What is it about the calendar saying “September” that nudges us to peruse through magazines and Pinterest boards looking for fall-ish menus, fall-ish fashion, and fall-ish home décor? I even found myself the other day walking in the back of our land, noticing all the changes in nature and thinking,…

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Swiss Coffee, Greek Villa, Snowbound … How to Select a White Paint?

By lisa rippy / September 12, 2023

There is a color for walls that seems to be growing in popularity and as I talked with a woman in Hobby Lobby recently, it was a color that I just had to share with her. She had mentioned, while on the phone with her friend, that she had used…

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Have You Thought About? – Part 2

By lisa rippy / September 10, 2023

He was nearing 70 years old and was quite the seasoned listener. Some even said he had a ‘gift’ in listening because he wouldn’t interrupt. Ever. He would simply sit and smile, while giving the most caring eye contact while listening and not just hearing whoever came to him for…

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Have You Thought About – Part 1

By lisa rippy / September 8, 2023

A storm rolls in right around the time it was forecasted…so we’re glad we remembered our umbrella. A baby is born close to their due date…so we’re thankful the nursery is ready. A house closes on the day and time as planned…so we’re glad we don’t have to reschedule the…

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5 Tips to Help Set Up Your Kitchen…and a GREAT RECIPE!

By lisa rippy / September 8, 2023

With the fall approaching, I’m already staging and stocking our kitchen with the appliances, cookbooks, pots, pans, utensils, decorations, and table/island settings. So here are a FIVE tips to help set up your Kitchen for the new season: 1) Wash CrockPots, InstaPots, Dutch Ovens and Woks. If some of these…

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5 Day ReFresh Retreat

By lisa rippy / September 8, 2023

While writing this post, my heart is full of anticipation of a 5-day retreat with the LORD that only His Sovereign Providence has graciously planned! To be alone with the LORD in His Word, enjoying His nature, and to be alone in an intentional silence in order to think, to…

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