Month: August 2020

Gabby Dickerson Jewelry

By Lisa Rippy / August 28, 2020

Y’all, have you ever been strolling through facebook, you know…mindlessly-like…where you are just on to scroll? Not read anything deep, but to really see what all folks ate that day, what they did, and if something catches your eye THEN you may roost there for a minute? Well, that’s what…

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Q&A – Dating, Sex Before Marriage, Mental Sex, Pornography, Abuse in Marriage

By Lisa Rippy / August 20, 2020

It’s early in the morning as I’m sitting here working on this post and while typing out this first sentence, I’m so prayerful for all of the content to be first approved and guided and fully sustained by the Holy Spirit. I can’t begin to tell you the number of…

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Get “Green House” Ready!

By Lisa Rippy / August 12, 2020

Ya’ll, I’m getting “Green House” ready! Are you? What’s Green House Ready? It’s being dag’gum determined to NOT let your summer plants choke! You’re NOT going to water and feed and prune all summer long just to let them poop out come October! So….let’s start thinking “green house.” This post…

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Let’s Talk Fall Decor’ (Because it’s actually all around you)

By Lisa Rippy / August 12, 2020

I know, we are all enjoying the good o’ hot summer time right now, but as I drive past corn fields and lakes and ponds, I’m seeing gorgeous nature that I can actually gather up now for our home October decor’. Rip and I drove by a corn field this…

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