Let’s Talk Fall Decor’ (Because it’s actually all around you)

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I know, we are all enjoying the good o’ hot summer time right now, but as I drive past corn fields and lakes and ponds, I’m seeing gorgeous nature that I can actually gather up now for our home October decor’.

Rip and I drove by a corn field this morning and I noticed how so much of the corn was dry9ing up. And it got me thinking of just how close we are nearing to cooler weather and touches of a new season that nature never fails to provide.  When you see this photo of some dried up corn do you think …

How nice would that look all roped up and placed on my porch with a collection of vintage French finds like a good chipped urn and arched window. Fill the urn with pumpkins and what an interesting conversation piece and just a perfect touch of fall pretty on the front porch!

Or maybe your a little more farmhouse – spray you a rocker a deep warm color, cluster around it some fall plants, (don’t figure to make the containers that the plants are to have a darlin’-ness about them),  and Viola!!!  You’ve created the perfect place for some roped up corn stalks to go AND you just made a very inviting little sit-in’ nook for someone.

Now, if you can move a wee bit faster, go find you a corn field where there is still some green on the stalks and some of the dried leaves. Here is a simple and fun way to make your own corn wreath for this coming autumn season.

There is just something about cattails that make me SO ready for social gatherings! In this photo, they’ve been cut and gathered into an X-large bouquet in a large clear glass container and it is stunning!!

But if you like decorating with cattails, you’ll need to go ahead and gather them up now, and if you want to preserve them for the fall here’s how:

To preserve cattails, dry them and protect them from shedding their fluff.
  1. Cut cattails in late summer before they begin to lose their fluff.
  2. Spread newspaper on the floor around the area where you’ll be working.
  3. Spray the cattails with cheap hairspray cheap rich in lacquer – the cheaper the better.
  4. Let them completely dry in the sun and do one more coat. Dry. And they will preserve for months.

Start watching for when leaves on your trees begin to change…. you want there to be a little bit of the green as well as the new touches of red, gold or yellow fading over the leaf. Break off the branch and spray the leaves with the same cheap hairspray. Then, when the fall comes, you will have small touches of the new season to place in water jars, bottles, canisters and even use them in table settings tucked into a pretty and ironed fall-colored linen napkin.

These beautiful linen napkins are what I ordered from Amazon and can’t wait to use them!

Another really french thing to do would be to get your leaves off a couple of oak trees while they are fresh and green. Place them on newspaper and spray them different shades of gold. Attach them to a gold ring you can pick up at Hobby Lobby or HERE and tie a beautiful unwired ribbon bow at the top. In this hutch, there is nothing but all white dishes and that makes for such an elegant look. But if you want to go for a more casual look, and still have some of that elegance, mix up the white with grays, blues, greens …. let the shades of nature come into furniture pieces like this with the dishes, glassware, etc.

Give me a cute little frame like this and we can go have way too much fun!

I love the simplicity of how they took small acorns and wired them to make this mini-wreath. Use an unwired ribbon and loosely tie the wreath to the frame and place it anywhere! Anywhere! In the kitchen on the window, on a mantle, on a bookshelf, in a bathroom behind the toilet, in the family room hanging on the wall. It’s such a dainty and simple touch of fall that can be made from cattails, too.

So, right now, my white cement urn is outside with vincas pouring out, but for the fall all I need to do is grab up some of Rip’s antlers, spray a creamy white 3-4 pinecones that we find on our land and place some small cinderella pumpkins inside and there’s another small touch of fall with items I can gather up now…while the heat index is 101 here in MS!!

And by all means, whatever you do … always adorn your house with Scripture! Seeing God’s Word in rooms hanging on the walls, framed with gorgeous wood or vintage frames, written on signs, or even hand-written verses by your child and hanging them by your coffee pot…changing them out each month!  The Word of God ALWAYS creates an atmosphere in a home that invites peace and love.

Have fun being the homemaker God has called you to be!


***Photos came from Instagram and Pinterest that led me to personal blog posts:

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