Month: September 2018

Your Decision

By Lisa Rippy / September 30, 2018

Every Monday evening, there will be a new video posted on my blog and on Facebook, but each video on each Monday evening in the month of October will literally take us on a journey in grasping the most real understanding of WHY our life matters and how it can…

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More Than Just a Place Setting!

By Lisa Rippy / September 27, 2018

It was last week when Samantha and I went boothin’! We love, LOVE to go to local markets and antique stores just to see what we may find in booths that either would be a special touch in a client’s home, or would make the perfect gift for a friend.…

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A Life That Matters

By Lisa Rippy / September 26, 2018

How would you complete this one statement . . . “My life matters because _________________.” Think about this. Find some time to be completely alone. Just for 20 minutes. Sit quietly in a place where there a no interruptions. Become completely undistracted and take every bit of intention to simply…

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