Wednesday in the Word – Praise Him!

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“Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name,” Psalm 100:4.

It was November of 2017, when a stack of cards was placed on my desk where people had checked a small box asking for help in their marriage. The box was labeled, “difficulty in marriage.” And from those little checked boxes, the Lord (through prayer) began laying out His plans in how He was going to answer those people’s requests. He had the fullest intentions to respond to their little check marks. Why? Because of His nature.


He can’t and won’t turn away from anyone who requests His help. And that is why the ONE second that it took for a small box to be checked … well, it mattered to Him. Therefore, it mattered to me.


But as the month of April unfolded, what’s been amazing to watch and to hear is how He didn’t put not one of His children on a shelf…and what I mean by that is, His plan for the month included all of His children in many miraculous ways. He cares so deeply and because He cares, He devised a plan that would touch and minister to hearts. And as I’ve listened to people share their experiences all month long, that plan of His was hugely personal – and relational. He focused in on continued healing and encouragement for so many people. He had a plan that included married people, widowed, divorced, for singles, for children, for students, … as stories have been shared with me, I’ve heard of experiences where faith family members came alongside others in personable and wonderful ways. Even in ways of just being a listening ear. A caring friend. A forgiving spouse. A selfless servant. A strong supporter.

His nature was glaringly obvious  –  in how people cared, listened to, prayed with, and supported each other all month long. Therefore, Psalm 100:4 means everything to me as I praise Him for all He did! For all that He is! We need to be very careful that we do not ignore or negate the call to praise! We can not expect doors to open to us in effective ministry if we silence what is due Him – our praise. When He has clearly been involved, entering into His courts with unhindered praise is the highest honor!

Praise Him!

The Lord’s involvement is always worthy to be praised!

If we don’t praise Him, and I mean really praise Him for what He accomplishes, then friend, we should not expect to see doors open up to us for expanded and enlarged use. When we do not snub or make light of His will and glory, but we are sure to verbalize our sincere praise, new doors open up! They literally fling wide open! Why? It’s because …

God INHABITS the praise of His people! 

And where He inhabits, there is activity … new and adventurous activity that He invites us to participate in with Him. In my own life, He has already opened new and exciting doors in writing and speaking! It’s true friends…He truly does inhabit the praise of His people – and where HE inhabits, there is activity! New … exciting … life-impacting activity!

Here is a small glimpse of why Psalm 100:4 is engraved in my soul!

The month of April, 2018, is one that will always be cherished in my own heart because of this reason…

God made me promise years ago. He promised that He would comfort others through me as He has comforted me. I personalized His promise in 2 Cor. 1:4:

He comforts us {LISA} in all our {her} troubles so that we {she} can comfort others. When they are troubled, we {LISA} will be able to give them the same comfort God has given {her} us,” 2 Corinthians 1:4

He promised that my darkest valley would become a place where He would receive the brightest glory in and through my life!!

Praise Him!

April did not contain just an initiative for me; just a month long focus on marriage and other relational topics.  April was a call to battle! To battle with a passion – a passion to FIGHT, and I do mean FIGHT for marriages … which is something no one can squelch or lessen or take away or weaken in me. I will armor up and take my stand boldly and bravely in the battle for marriages with God …. and I’m resolute in that decision in every. single. opportunity He brings! It’s no joke to me, and it’s no small thing to me. It is a call to war! A call to battle … and ever since last November, I’ve been suiting up. Why? Because it’s personal. Deeply personal.

For 4 weeks, I saw and heard people, my own leaders, becoming gripped by the Holy Spirit with emotion. At different times and places, I saw people responding to the smallest “moment” of the Spirit taking hold of their heart – and they cried. Teared up. Got chocked up. And that was the outward sign of an inward touch of God on their own heart.

Praise Him!

They responded to Him. I saw grown men wiping their eyes. That emotion wasn’t manufactured. It wasn’t mustered up. Truth is — That is God! That is God doing what ONLY He can do. Touch a heart.

So, I praise Him!

Do I believe God had His way in April?

I do.

Do I believe God had specific plans that He purposed to be carried out through His people who were wanting in on those plans?

I do.

Do I believe all that God accomplished in people’s hearts was for their good and His glory in His perfect timing?

I do.

And do I still believe that my only response to my Father in how He worked in ways beyond what I could have ever imagined, is praise!

I Still Do.


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