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In April 2016, Rip and I moved into this newly constructed home in Gluckstadt, MS. We walked inside and the best part about this house was this — nothing needed to be flipped! No renovations, no remodeling. Just move in. Unbox. Decorate. And live.

It was very nice for us to have a break, because the past two homes we had in TN, were two older homes that we bought low, and sold high because we completely renovated them. So, living here at 111 SERENITY Way has been a 2 year time of “home serenity” – peace and stillness from all personal home remodeling.

But….we’ve sold the house and we are moving on to our NEXT venture! There were a few personal goals that motivated this decision and we are ready to get goin’!

Our new home in Madison, MS, is a 1930’s (or 40’s)…not sure which yet, Farmhouse sitting on acres of land available to us through our clients and now dear friends of ours, Leroy and Ola Kuriger. They invited us to remodel their master bathroom 1 year ago, and then one day, as we were walking out of their home, I mentioned how darlin’ “that little blue farmhouse is.”  Ola let me know that it was their house and they owned the land and it was all for sale!!  My jaw dropped open and I asked if I could see inside. She toured me through the 1940 sq. ft. house and y’all…something right then, on that day, 1 year ago, felt like “Home Sweet Home” to me. The inside was already renovated in so much of the house and as she and I talked about how it all started with one kitchen, one bathroom, one bedroom and a tiny little sitting area, she let me know that through the years, expansions were made.

So, 1 year ago, Rip and I toured the land with a builder, too. (I keep pointing out that all this begun 1 year ago to really show how God is always at work for our good and His glory in our life….even if the fruition of everything is 1 year later in coming! And He will orchestrate things so that when it’s time to move forward into a dream, you just know.)  That’s what He did … He used situations in our life (because Rip and I have made an ‘absolute’  in our life to live without debt), in getting us ready for these next steps.

Here’s the vision …

We are going to live in this farmhouse as we renovate the exterior and interior even more. Once we have completed all the goals we have for this place, it will be the first Interior Inspirations B&B!! It’s a dream come true! Writers can come here to get away and get inspiration. Friends can come here to just have a weekend of relaxation. Families can come and enjoy the outdoors. It will actually be called, “The Getaway” – and it will welcome folks to a slowed-down-country-cottage way of living, stocked well for anyone to come and stay and enjoy some peace and quiet.

By the time The Getaway is ready to be rented, (which is going to take a while), waaaay back behind the trees in the back of the property, (not visible in the photos), will be mine and Rip’s personal home. We will live in the farmhouse, while building our home in the back of the property. Paul Graham, a builder in town, walked the land with us and we found the perfect high-point on the land for the house to sit.

Here is a photo of the front view now. And the next photo shows the color scheme and some of the direction we are hoping to go in when it comes to all the exterior renovations.

The columns will be wrapped in cedar from top to bottom. All awnings over windows will be removed. Front door will be changed out. Shutters added all around the house. All old wood of house exterior will be removed, and hardie board will wrap the house (at least that’s what we are thinking right now :). New front porch fixtures. Added landscaping all around house. Side courtyard added to the right side of the house.

The hardie board will be painted this soft creamy neutral. Shutters a nice Sherwin Willians color – Black Fox (or stained like the door…still thinking on that one). Concrete porch and steps covered with brink pavers. New windows. Additional parking pad up to the front of the door with brick paver landing leading to front door. Added Architectural detailing to roof above front entrance. New front doors. Added landscaping. Our farmhouse does come with a humongous Magnolia tree like the one in this photo and it’s just one of our favorite things…Mississippi’s State Tree is the Magnolia.

front exterior

So, first thing we’re doing now is … moving into the farmhouse. Even this weekend, we are making several more trips in getting everything moved over. Purging. Selling. Giving away. Going from 2500+ sq ft to 1940 sq ft means living with much less!

Simplifying our life is always a win!

We’re not only very thankful for the financial blessings tucked inside of all our decisions, but we’re also so grateful for the provisions … all along the way from God, in showing us His involvement in it all!  Sold our house in 30 days…when the Lord gives you a peace that it’s time to move, start boxing up in faith. Because when He brings that kind of certainty, He smiles when we show in our actions that we believe Him.  We started boxing up in faith and by May 15, we need to have it all done.

And to think, 1 year ago as we walked through the house and the land, He started “then” determining our steps and it’s all been in His perfect timing!

This photo shows the distance between the house and the barn. Oh, and because there is the red exposed brick at the base of the house, we are going to paint it the same as the shutters. This photo shows the color schemes we’re going with. Thanks to Mrs. Linda Ignozzito who spent almost 2 hours with me walking all around the house and property offering her thoughts on so much! You can show this lady the front/back/sides of your house and she is REMARKABLE in coming up with vision and potential in pulling it all together! She saw ideas and colors I had not even considered!

painted foundation

The side yard is going to be a great place for sitting outside … envision the three windows actually becoming french doors with a 2 step step-down onto a covered patio area. Coming out of the angled roof line is an angled cedar arbor (pergola-like) coming over the patio, tin/metal roof and all!

Here’s a photo I found on Google that sorta shows the idea we have for this space … this looks like it’s inside a showroom, but the idea is to keep the arched top with the roof line and provide a covering over a concrete or flagstone patio. Linda suggested putting the outdoor fireplace more to the side where you see the tree on the left in the photo above. And that way the fireplace would actually be cornered and facing the screened door. Not centered.

But then HERE is what also made us see the vision! All the land and the two little red cuties sitting smack dab in the middle of it! Behind the crest and to the far left is the place where Rip and I would build our own future home. And it’s back behind that, where there is another pond.

We hope to share a lot of this journey all along the way. We’ve got a list of To-Do’s a mile long and we will simply tackle each project one day at a time.

Here is a video of our last home we renovated in TN – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jJHFwCI1ts

Journey with us…it’s going to be fun!

Rip & Lisa

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  1. Linda Ignozzitto on May 5, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    The little blue house is a special place!❤️ After walking the property you sense God’s presence and calming peace there?? That peace passes all understanding and the land around the little blue house causes you to fix your heart and mind on Christ Jesus! I have a notion there is going to be lots of lifting up the name of Jesus around that place ??????

    • Lisa Rippy on May 6, 2018 at 10:04 am

      I couldn’t agree more, Linda!! I have the same notion 🙂

  2. Sandy Walker on May 8, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    Lisa, I am so proud for you & Rip! Your dreams are Big & God is going to carry you step by step through them all! Can’t wait to follow you during your renovation! It’s wonderful seeing what God is doing in your life,
    Sandy Walker ?

    • Lisa Rippy on May 15, 2018 at 9:31 am

      Thank you Sandy! Rip and I couldn’t be happier, and we do plan on sharing the journey because it’s just too much fun to keep to ourselves!

    • Lisa Rippy on July 28, 2018 at 11:12 am

      We are having the time of our life!!! New post today will let you know a huge reason why!

  3. Laurie Crose on July 4, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    I just love your channel! I have been watching your videos and taking notes to be a great homemaker for some time. You and Rip inspire me. I am a stay at home mom and was looking for inspiration when I found your channel. I was looking for more than just cleaning and decorating, but Bible based too. I am excited to see how you make your new home. It seems so peaceful and lovely. Thank you for sharing and being so inspirational.

    • Lisa Rippy on July 28, 2018 at 11:10 am

      Thanks Laurie! Rip and I are having the time of our life…so much to share, that I am fixing to put up a new post now!

  4. Leslie on July 8, 2018 at 2:16 am

    I’m so excited for you and Rip!!! I love how you truly follow the Lord’s guidance… there’s no better way! And I’m a country life kind of girl so that property and the barns are absolutely breathtaking to me!

    • Lisa Rippy on July 28, 2018 at 11:09 am

      Thanks Leslie! Since we moved here, so much of marvelous has been going on!! Hope to be more consistent in sharing….new post today!! Be blessed girl!

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