Monday at II – Loads of Fun with Laundry!

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It’s Monday, and that means LAUNDRY DAY at Interior Inspirations! Rip and I started a load before we left and I couldn’t help but think …
I miss the mounds of itty bitty clothes. I miss matching teeny tiny socks. I miss folding bright colorful cartoon T’s and Christmas PJ’s. I miss srubbing grass stains off pants and spilt Koolaid out of onesies. But…to be in the season I am now, where I can look back and be thankful for the precious years of Mount Everest mounds of laundry, well, those years have come and gone, and now — we wash adult size work clothes! And I can honestly tell you that I love every minute of it!

Thankful for laundry
If you’re up for it, take a pic of YOUR laundry space and let’s INSPIRE one another! Here is our laundry space!

Laundry room 2 Laundry room 3

Laundry room 5 Laundry room 6

Laundry room 1
Happy Laundry day, y’all!

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