Tuesday at II – Clean Bathrooms Make for Happy Bathrooms!

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It’s CLEANING DAY at Interior Inspirations! And today is all about …. CLEAN BATHROOMS! When a bathroom is deep cleaned, it just makes using the tub, shower, sinks, vanity and cabinets and drawers just an all round happier experience.

Our goal today is to DEEP clean our bathrooms. Starting with:

1) Empty all cabinets and drawers. Throw out every used and old bottle, tube, can, and carton of “Stuff” that needs to be discarded. If there are products you used and didn’t like the results, try passing it on to someone else only because the product may work wonders for them.

2) Get all products out of the cabinets and drawers and clean them thoroughly. Just strip it all down to naked and clean the bottoms, sides and outsides of drawers and cabinets.

3) Before restocking, would it help to gather some of the items into Totes? Baskets? Trays? or some kind of container? Sort first and then group and then store.

4) Deep clean the tub, showers, faucets, mirrors, walls and baseboards.

5) Get your 3 X 5 cards that we use for our Home Binder system and jot down anything you see that needs to be repaired, replaced, touch-up painted, new brighter bulbs, new caulking, etc. What about new bath mat? Do you need fresh linens…sheets, wash clothes, towels, etc.? Now is the perfect time to make your cards for any bathroom needs/wants.

IF it will help you, take a BEFORE and AFTER and share with us the final results of YOUR Happy Homemaking! We would love to see how you reached today’s CLEANING goal because it will inspire us ALL, too…to keep goin’!

You know I have to take just a minute to tell you how I have cut my cleaning in half, and how I get much brighter, cleaner and lasting results between my cleanings. It’s the new Norwex products. I never in a trillion years that I would actually look forward to cleaning, but I do! These products kill bacteria on the spot, do not hold bacteria in the cleaning rags due to silver that is embedded in the microfibers. The shine is so drastically different from what Windex, furniture polishes or any granite cleaners ever did, and Rip LOVES that I stopped using harsh chemicals.

IF you want to give these products a try, here’s how you can order. If you want to host an online FB Norwex party, you can get so much of this FREE. (I did!) But y’all …. I wouldn’t even tell you about these products if I were not 100% sold!  If you want to try Norwex, click on the link and you can order anything (youtube the products..you’ll be amazed!). Leave a comment if you want to know how to save 35% off, too.

Norwex Store


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