Holiday Storage Ideas

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It happens almost every year – I get ready to pull out Christmas decorations, the tree, lights, gift wrap and it’s not organized well enough so we can all know right where things are. So, this year I’m getting ready for after Christmas with some new storage pieces. I wanted to share some of them with you because it just helps so much when I can go ahead and buy what we’ll need for taking it all down and storing it until next year. And with the deals Wayfair is having right now on their storage pieces, this is such a great time to load up!

Basic Artificial Tree Storage Bag – $19.99  If your tree is in 3 sections, then each section lays on top of the other neatly and this heavy duty bag has a reinforced zipper. This bag comes in 2 sizes.



Want a little more help moving the tree after you’ve put it in the bag? This Christmas tree storage bag comes with wheels and is only $39.99.



This is a 64 count Ornament Organizer that is only $19.99. Love that it is trimmed in gold and has the divider sleeves.



And this also comes in the X-Large Ornament Storage (in gold or red)



You can also get the Christmas Light Storage box to match. (how fun is that!?)



The Holiday Gift Wrap Storage is super cute, too, and it matches the gold-trimmed ornament and light storage boxes (…you want it all to match and look cute, right?!)



But if having all the storage matchy-matchy is not that important to you, (I can’t say that it would mean all that much to Rip either), then here is another few ideas in how to organize the ornaments and the holiday wrapping supplies…

112 Count Christmas Ornament Storage – 

The good thing about these, is they are stackable. They have velcro straps so that you can stack one on top of the other. And I love that it zips and does not have a separate lid.

These Ornament Storage Boxes (set of 2 for $52.99) and the Light Storage Boxes (set of 3 for $48.99), I have seen in several homes already this year. They seem to be a favorite!




Christmas figurines should have a special place of storage, too. This is the Figurine Storage Bag for only $26.99 – 34% off regular price.



This Large Wreath Storage bag is great – comes with a sturdy zipper and label.



But if you like to hang your wreaths until next year, here is Hanging Wreath Storage Bag



Gift wrapping can be quite the FUN and sometimes a messy (still fun!) task when we just can’t find what we need to make our gifts all festive! So here are several ideas in how to organize all the gift wrapping supplies.

The Rolling Gift Wrap Storage System


The Wrapping Paper Storage Box can be purchased with the … …



The Holiday Gift Wrap Storage Boxes. Set of 3 for $24.99


This Wrapping Paper and Supplies Storage Box is only $19.99 or 3 for $50.00

The Paper Box Gift Wrap Storage holds several rolls of paper and is only $44.99 for a set of 2.



Last, the perfect Storage Bag for storing all the Christmas throws, pillows and tree skirts.



Happy Holiday decorating and I hope this helps you, too, as you plan ahead for preparing for 2019!

Have a great day y’all! It’s Friday!




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