A Christmas Home Tour In Benton, MS

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It was one of the most wonderful surprises! As I pulled up to my client’s home in Benton, MS, I was already completed arrested by the all soooo southern and lovely nature of the homemaker, Kaye Parker. She smiled as she talked just as naturally as it is to blink! And I just adored her … instantly! And then, when I followed her into her home, …

I was AWED!

By the fragrance of her home, the tidiness of her home, and her personal decorating style! Awed by it all! It all was right in line with this lady’s nature – simple, peaceful, traditional, and lovely.

So, I was invited to help her decorate her and her husband’s, Dr. David Parker, home for Christmas and this is what I saw as all her “before” rooms and spaces.






Seeing her home first really helped me know more of the look I would try to create. When I came back to their home the following week, … I got started!


Here’s their home for Christmas . . .

Family Room

This room just called for pheasants and pine cones!



..and three oversized copper wire trees.



I started making the mantle garland at our home by wrapping pieces of greenery onto one long garland of leaves, using floral wire. I wanted to get to her home with the “beginnings” of a 6′ strand of leaves, sticks and a few pine cones. Then, once I got inside her family room, I added the birds, acorns and so much more.



The colors of her home just calls for these colors for Christmas decor’!



And the those beautiful copper trees just needed to be high and lifted up!



I mean…really…is that not a beautiful fake pheasant!! lol




This darlin’ basket is right below the mantle and just needed a little Christmas touches of its own. I used copper tinted pine cones, added some different pieces of cypress to a branch of sticks and gold leaves.



This McCarty bowl just was perfect for a hodgepodge of fun Christmas pine cones, large gold acorns, pine, cypress and fir branches.



Right beside it, I put another McCarty piece of pottery full of fir and pine branches, with again …small pine cones.



In-between “his and her” chairs, I put another McCarty container full of the same clippings with a small twig of red berries.



Dining Space at Christmas


The table topper is a gold/green piece of silk, and I placed in the middle of the table a resin wreath of copper colored magnolia leaves.



The wreath needed “something” in the middle, so I found another McCarty small bowl and started making another arrangement to go right inside the wreath. The balled garland is beautiful with different colored balls of gold, copper and silver, and the votives are copper class, too.



This is how the arrangement turned out…love how different pieces of floral sprigs can all be cut, clipped, wrapped and used together! And it was just what needed to come right out of the wreath.

When you look at what is in a room that must remain, THAT is where you can get your inspiration for your Christmas decorations. USE the colors in that room or space to decorate your tree, your mantle, your table scapes. If you already use traditional Christmas red and greens, that is great… just pull from what remains in that space and add it through texture pieces. – Feathers – ornaments – garlands – wraps – ribbons – etc.

I saw the colors in her painting and new that what I made as a arrangement for the table would need to work with that painting.




Her nativity is also in the copper and greens, with more cute pine cones. :)))




Little Christmas touches here and there …


All this needed was the perfect wall to be mounted on to show more pheasant feathers, more pine cones and more cypress, fir and pine branches.



This bay leaf wreath was just what this beautiful plant needed, too, just to give it have a touch of Christmas!




Every kitchen needs a cute little coffee service and this one got its own touch of pine and fir!…and another tiny pine cone! 🙂




And it all was wrapped up by placing this sculpture in the family room … beautiful!



You may have already finished all your Christmas decorating, but if there was one small tip I would give in making Christmas decorations have such a seamless and timeless look in your home it would be this –

be you! Find those things that mean so much to you and your family in keeping a Christ-centered Christmas and use THAT as your inspiration.

Tonight I am speaking at a women’s event on “Traditions at Christmas Children Love” and in those traditions, we, as their parents, can actually be instilling in them lasting values. I’m 50 years old and have a vault full of memories with our children and all the traditions we carried on and some that we still carry on year after year and y’all….they just mean the world to all of us! Please be in prayer for tonight…it would mean the world because it is going to be a MOPS group (Mothers Of Preschoolers) and I can’t WAIT to spend time with them and pour into their lives as mothers of such young precious children.



21-26″ pheasant feathers                                             14-16″ pheasant feathers



50 pine cones in bulk                                                    Fresh Douglas fir and pine



Cypress Greenery                                                          24″ magnolia wreath




*All of the affiliate links above for “Shop This Look” products, are links that create income for me off each sell, which allows me to keep Interior Inspirations website up and running.

Merry & Joyful Christmas everyone!! And I would LOVE to hear how you are decorating and celebrating Christmas this year! Share photos here or if you want, join our Facebook Group page and post there! I would love to see how you and your family celebrate Christmas this year!!

Happy Happy!



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