Freedom in Christ #4

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So here we are at day 4 of my testimony, “Freedom In Christ”. If you have missed a day go back and read it so you can catch up to where we are today. Yesterday’s post left us thinking about restoration. Let’s talk more about that today.

Restoration is a costly process. It is costly for the ONE doing the restoration; a sacrifice was required for our restoration, and His name is Jesus. Restoration is also costly for the one being restored. Sometimes we are so fragile we can be broken in the process.

I looked up the definition of fragile. See if you recognize yourself in any of these:

1. Lacking substance

2. Lacking physical or emotional strength

3. An object easily broken or damaged

4. Flimsy or insubstantial, easily destroyed

5. Not strong or sturdy, delicate or vulnerable

Now reconsider the list of “things” that grip us. Fear, depression, addictive behavior, anger, doubt, worldliness, etc…. ALL of these cause us to be fragile. If you let anger in, you will lack substance. If you let fear grip you, you will lack emotional strength. If you let worldliness in you will be easily destroyed. You see the pattern here.

The question we need to ask is WHY and HOW did we get this way? As I mentioned earlier, the enemy can do damage. James 4:7 says we are to submit to GOD, not the enemy! We are to resist the enemy. I recently heard a Pastor say this,

“Don’t talk to the enemy, write him a note and put it on the bottom of your feet because God has put him under your feet! 

Ladies, satan ( I simply can’t capitalize his name. I’m just not gonna do it! )  has NO power over us, so why do we let him have it? In 1 John 4:4 we read that greater is He that is in us than he that is in this world. We need to start living like we believe this verse!

When I gave this testimony at my Church we did a little activity. For the sake of all of you reading this I am going to walk you through it. This is something you can do at home. Each table had sticky notes on them. I am sure you have some at home. If not, a piece of paper and some tape will do nicely. Now, I want you to take a minute and sit quietly. Now write down the “thing” or “things” that you need to lay down. DON’T put your name on it! Ha!  The next step in this little exercise is to stick it to the bottom of your shoe!  I am not kidding about this, I really want you to do this!

All the “stuff” that keeps harassing you…your sin, your guilt, your shame and condemnation, ALL of your weaknesses….they are powerless as long as you let GOD be in control and you submit to Him daily. I wish I could tell you this is a one time deal and that once you lay something down it will never come up again. But that is not the case. The Christian walk is daily, hour by hour and sometimes minute by minute!

Let me add something here that I did not add during my testimony: your SIN is finished, it has been paid for! So you can lay it down along with the shame and condemnation that like to accompany it. Jesus paid it all, you don’t have to do anything for your sin but admit that you have sinned and then believe in the sacrifice that Jesus made for YOUR sin. Believe what He did and receive what He did. Lay down your guilt, shame and condemnation today and please don’t pick it back up again. Trust me, I kept picking it back up and it nearly crippled me and my walk with God. satan tried to use it against me to render me ineffective for God’s Kingdom and the purposes He has for my life. Ladies, don’t let the enemy do this to you!

Some of us may think we don’t need “fixing”. But I promise we all do! God will show up and He will allow you to be broken and it is there at that place of brokenness where you will see just how fragile you are without Him.

Okay, about those notes underneath your feet….. Since you couldn’t participate with us as a group the night I gave this testimony I want you to take those notes and put them in a very safe place, maybe just slip them into the pages of your Bible. Leave them there until I tell you to take them out again. We will do something with them in post #7.

Thank you for taking your time to read this today. I am praying for you before I hit the “publish” button on this post. I am praying that as you have read my story that God is beginning to work His Freedom in your life, that you are beginning to hear the chains fall of and you are standing a little straighter and stronger today. I love you my sister friend, live free today!

Living free,


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