When Rip Met Me In the Kitchen….

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Good morning homemakers!

It’s Thursday morning and I’ve been up for quite a while reading in Robert Morgan’s book, “Mastering Life Before It’s Too Late” and …oh my gracious! He is a man after my own heart! The three chapters I read this morning only served to 100% affirm a few disciplines in my life. But it was with the same chapters that I knew the Lord was saying to me, “Remember what I told you on January 1, 2015? “Engage in business until I come back.” Luke 19:13  Well, here are three chapters worth of Bible-based wisdom that I want you to not only read, but implement to a whole new level in your life. These chapters speak of a divine discipline that I exercised in My earthly life. Therefore, it’s a must. It’s a must if your heart is set on being rich toward God in redeeming your time and being about My Father’s business.”  All I could say this morning, with happy tears flooding my eyes was, “Yes, Sir. I surely will. I love You and thank You so much for allowing me to serve You and for helping me to do so with greater excellence.”

When Rip met me in the kitchen, he saw on my face that I have had ONE AMAZING morning with the Lord and he just smiled while I said to him, grinnin’ & glowin’ from ear to ear, “Oh, baby! I got something to tell youuuuu!!” I have not said one word to him yet, before he prayed this prayer: “Lord, thank you for my wife. I am so blessed to have her in my life and to see the excitement on her face because of You means everything to me. She’s so beautiful and I just love her.”  Oh my! (insert more tears) I didn’t see that coming, but ladies….let me just “sidebar” here for just a minute. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again….your man needs to see your love for Jesus. Not in a preachy way, but in a “it’s how she lives” way. He needs to see that you love Jesus first and foremost. Not only will it touch him so deeply, (according to Scripture it “ministers” to him), but it makes you extremely attractive. It’s a beauty that sets you apart in his eyes. Rip prayed that prayer, y’all, while I sat beside him with my greasy hair going in a thousand directions, no makeup, still in PJ’s and coffee breath! Yet, when he saw my excitement after spending time with Jesus, he couldn’t contain a prayer of praise for his wife. WOW! Nothing compares!

Anyhoo….while he ate, I talked and didn’t care one iota that my eggs got cold. I was so fired up that I couldn’t talk fast enough. And then we both agreed, make a video!! My heart is so overflowing right now that it’s just gotta’ spill on out.  So, today I will be making 4 videos that will walk you step by step in how you can:

Redeem the Time

Embrace Clocks & Calendars

Gather Up the Fragments that Remain 

Living Day after Day with a ‘Copper Penny’ Vision

Now, those are the titles of each video, but they will be 15 or less in length and packed full with PRACTICAL guidance that comes straight from the Word of God. Practical meaning, doable. Instructed. And meant to be daily disciplines of our life.

I hope, if you are a part of our Scripture Memory Challenge for 2015,  you are memorizing this week a verse or two on “The Friendship of God.”  One of my verses is John 14:23 – “Jesus answered, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word. My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.”

As I go about my day reflecting on this one verse, the home of the Trinity’s own heart is becoming more real to me than ever.

Time to get goin’, but I’ll be right back! I love all of you and together let’s be ….

Redeeming the time!




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  1. Laurie Cole on March 5, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    I am excited to see the videos! My Grandfather was on staff at Robert J. Morgan’s church when he passed away. We think the world of him and his congregation. He is a gifted man!!

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