A Life That Matters – Video 1 – October 1

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It’s time! Time for our first “A Life That Matters” video. I can’t WAIT to get going this month with you! But this first video helps us to understand how 2 things Jesus said lays the framework in how to live a life that matters most!

It’s going to be such an intentional month, y’all … and the best advice I can give you is this –

Go slooooowly. Do not watch a single video in a rush. Work the course page(s) that I give you each Monday without being in a hurry. The page(s) are intended to be read and meditated on all week. So, let’s approach this entire month of “A Life That Matters” – Undistracted. With undivided focus when we finally have some time to sit down and watch the videos or work on the study.

For these next 31 days, will you do all that you can to still your personal calendar? Not remove what needs or must be done, but set aside time every morning or evening (whichever is best for you) to be alone with God? To talk with Him about what you are reading and hearing. To invite Him to talk to you. To just “be” with God and enjoy what He may tell you. Will you create time to think? These daily practices with God are so important to Him because you and your life matters that much!!

Click here for the A LIFE THAT MATTERS – October 1 PDF or the A LIFE THAT MATTERS – OCTOBER 1 WORD document!


I’m so excited for you!!




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