I Started in Her Home …

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When I first met Pam, Rip and I were out for a walk right at sunset. She was standing outside her soon-to-be home trying to select a shutter color when Rip hollers out, “My wife can help you with that if you’d like?” She turns around and with the biggest smile seemed to welcome the idea so we walked on over and narrowed it all down to one warm shade of a greenish-gray … and had fun doing it! It wasn’t much longer until I had a phone call from Pam asking me if I would consider decorating her home. She wanted some help and guidance in several things — furnishings, how to take what she already had and make it all work, pull the rooms and spaces together with decor and accessories, window treatments, etc. To simply help her “see” more than what was currently there. She and her husband already had a great idea and acted on it before I met her … they asked the carpenter of their new custom built home to build for them 2 towering cabinets that they could place on both sides of the fireplace. Both cabinets were constructed with glass doors and solid wood cabinets on the bottom, nice chunky round pedestal feet and painted a warm Cityscape gray.   (You’ll see this in just bit…)

One thing I have learned through the years is something that’s so simple to say, sounds so incredibly “duh” and obvious when I say it, but yet, in more ways than one, it is soooo very true — and it’s this:

Home is always more than only what you can see.

One aspect of my work that I enjoy more than anything is getting to know the “home dwellers” — starting with HER. Listening to her share what she likes, doesn’t like, what she hopes to see or experience in her home. The more time I get to have alone with the homemaker, the more I get glimpses of the style, the order, the personality that the home needs to provide. The more she and I (or in some cases, he and I) get to sit down and talk through the wishes, the dreams, the life of the home…the more I understand where there needs to be organization, order, simplicity, … where there needs to be light, warmth, texture, … where there needs to be space, stillness, serenity.

With Pam, hearing her tell some of her story, getting to know her, and what she enjoys, her hobbies, personal interests, ambitions, what she’s passionate about … while at the same time, always encountering a certain spirit about her – peaceful – well, it all helped me in what she had asked me to do.

So, welcome to The Anderson Home – where Pam, her husband, Brian, son, Swayze, who attends Germantown High school, and a soon-to-be married & beautiful daughter, Sara Catherine, are all enjoying life together with their two white Golden Retrievers, Eli and Peyton.

Working within budget, and working in pieces they already owned, … it was time to go shopping! Time to take empty spaces and transform them into rooms that were warm, inviting, beautiful and reflected this fun, happy and serving family!

Dining space (what a lonely looking little chandelier)…

Pam and her daughter chalk painted the dining room table and chairs and buffet in an Annie Sloan Pure White, then used clear and black wax to seal it. It all turned out just perfectly!


Then it was time to pull it all together!

“Moving in day view” while facing the front door of the home …

And now the new “facing the front door view” 🙂 I had THE best time decorating for the Anderson home! The style IS who they are…current, fun, relaxed, a little bit of traditional mixed with a good splash of Boho, and touches of Farmhouse along the way!


The spaces to the right and left of the fireplace needed something…so they asked their carpenter to build two matching towering built-ins, …

And here are they are … stunning! (just needs some decor’ inside them!)


Their keeping room was another fun area to work with…

Plenty of color and texture …








We also had fun with the half bath and mudroom …


Thank you to Rip, Wayfair, and The Linen Shop for completing a beautiful screened in porch!


But I titled this blog “I Started in Her Home …” because my next blog reveals how her own business office on Main Street in Madison, MS, (as a successful CPA) also reflects Pam’s approach to business, while still bringing touches of her own home into her work space!

See you in a bit…



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  1. Karen Gudgen on October 7, 2018 at 11:53 pm

    Beautiful! You are so gifted! Wish you were local to the Birmingham area. Do you travel to help your neighboring state friends?

    • Lisa Rippy on October 8, 2018 at 12:18 am

      Karen, YES! I sure do travel, and it would be such a special trip to come see you, too! Email me at lisa@myinteriorinspirations.com and I’ll be in touch just as soon as I hear from you.

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