2019 Home Challenges

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When January 1, 2019, came my inbox was packed full of different ways and approaches to getting organized, to live more tidy, and to become more “focused forward” into a new year. Here are some of the resources I received, looked into, and have even begun implementing:

  1. Beginning January 5 – Home Organization Challenge

A Bowl Full of Lemons is founded by Toni Hammersly and I can’t tell you how much I admire this lady! She has this to say about this 8th annual Home Organization Challenge:

Time for the 8th annual 2019 Home Organization Challenge. I can’t believe it’s been 8 years! The challenge begins on Saturday, January 5th.  I purposefully schedule the challenge a few days after the New Year to give you time to take down your holiday decor and to spend time with your family before they go back to school and work. You also need to prepare yourself mentally for the challenge so a few days rest after the busy holidays is a good thing. Over the next 14 weeks, we are going to turn our homes upside down and give them the attention they so desperately need.

I purchased her book, Complete Book of Clean, and have loved every page, and it is her follow-up book to her 1st book, The Complete Book of Home Organization.  Not to mention, she’s already become to me a dear friend! Thank you Toni, for … everything!



2. Living SIMPLIFIED – Emily Ley – Simplified Planner 

I already had purchased this adorable floral Simplified Planner and filled in all my birthday and anniversary and special dates, but then she also offered a 4-part daily journey in just how to focus forward in how to incorporate simplicity in every area of our life – surroundings, wellness, relationships, etc. Even if you have missed the 4 day challenges, they are still available on her blog – check it out!


3. Renewing all things in the home – Netflix – “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”

This Japanese young woman walks into the homes of families and begins helping them “tidy up” through purging out “too much” and scaling to what “sparks joy” in a persons life.

In 2004, when I first started Interior Inspirations here in Madison MS, that is what was requested the most – people wanted me to come in and help them remove clutter and become more organized and structured in their homes. This always bled into being organized and structured in “life” – how to literally become more clear, simplified, organized and moving at a much slower pace in life — starting with all that we’d find on the day timer. How a person uses life’s greatest asset (TIME) tells so much about the condition of their heart.  We would also look closely at their food and drink selections, their commitments, their spiritual walk with the Lord, etc.

It has always been so exciting to help families make the huge connection between —

What is happening in the heart of a person, always reflects in the home.

So, so much of Interior Inspirations even now involves a good bit of talking, and finding those things in a person’s life that stirs in their heart, (the most important interior of our life), a sense of passion, creativity, remembrance and inspiration — hence, Interior Inspirations was born!

What I absolutely love about my work is helping families not just have a pretty house that is all pulled together well with furnishings and accessories and a few sentimental pieces, but to help a family create the sense of “home” in their heart first, and then that “reality of the heart” will bleed and color every step of the process of turning their home into Home Sweet Home.

The mission of Interior Inspirations begins in the heart ~ the interior that matters most.

I may not totally agree with all the approaches Marie Kondo puts to practice in how she works with families, but I do applaud how she WILL go inside their homes (their lives) and make requests of them that they may have never considered.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

What goals do you have for this new year? 

What areas of your life are you REALLY focused on?

What is it about YOUR home that you want to see change or improve during this new year?

I’d love to hear from you at our Facebook Interior Inspirations Group Page … it’s a group page for those who want to be intentional in how we love, cherish and care for our home and those we get to do home with! And it is also a place to share ideas, ask questions, etc. and let me know how I may can best inspire you, resource you and give any tips or ideas, too! Thank you for coming to my blog like you do and for sharing with others! Means the world!

I do hope you have already had a great start into this new year and what makes it all so very exciting is to know that God has it all planned and purposed out already – and all we are to do is walk with Him one day at a time, and participate obediently with Him in and through it all.

It’s a JOY to serve Him with you!


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