A Home at Rest – Setting Up our Binder – Video 3

//A Home at Rest – Setting Up our Binder – Video 3

A Home at Rest – Setting Up our Binder – Video 3


Hi! I hope you’ve had a great day! This is Video 3 of our “A Home at Rest is a Home at Best” series, and I just have to tell you … the more we are going deeper into this series, the more I am just so humbled at how the Spirit is teaching on just what it means to live in rest.

But what has so blessed me,  more than you can ever know,  is all of YOU so needing this, too. It is the more comforting thing to know that I’m not alone in wanting to live in the rest that I inherited. To not miss it. To not miss out on it.

Believe me, I have failed the Lord miserably. Absolutely miserably, and when I think of just the depth of His forgiveness, I’m just in awe. Regret produces nothing, but repentance produces restoration and y’all, that restoration is the glory of His mercy literally at work. Restoration – it’s a beautiful thing to be restored by God, and to think … the first 4 letters of that gracious word is …

r e s t


In this video, I mention a small personal word study for you on rest, and it is below:


The human need for rest:

  • because of fatigue – Mat. 8:24, 26:43
  • because of overwork – Mk 6:30-31
  • because of depression – 1 Kings 18:20-19
  • because of anxiety – 2 Co. 2:13
  • because of storms of life – Job 3:20-26, Psalm 55:4-8

The realization of true rest:

1. through trusting in God – Psalm 37:3-7; 91:1-2

2. through resting in God – Psalm 23:1-3, Psalm 62:1,5

3. through experiencing God’s presence – Ex 33:!4, Psalm 31:19-20

4. through coming to Jesus – Mtt 11:28-29, John 16:33

5. through the Spirit of God – Isaiah 63:14


VIDEO 3 – A Home at Rest PDF


VIDEO 3 – A Home at Rest WORD



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