A Home at Rest – Spiritual R.E.S.T. – Video 4

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Hi friends!

Well, have you had a wonderful Monday? Did you enjoy “rest” today? One thing we are going to talk about this Thursday (Valentines Day video) is how to create what I’ve come to call “rest routines” in my day. These routines are so a part of my life now only because of how they bring change. I’ll share more on that later this week …

But today’s video is all about “Spiritual Rest” so that is why it’s 30 minutes long…just can’t rush through something this serious, you know? It’s, as Rip calls it, the 1st step. He is the most laid back man I’ve ever known. And I will hear him at times talking to the kids or to friends who are trying to get going in something new and he will always say, “That’s your first step.”  What he means by that is, you get that step solid and start there, and then all the other steps build from that.

Well, that’s what this spiritual tab in our binder is .. its the first “step” to really understanding our attitude (according to verses in Scripture) that deal with living in Sabbath rest – which we already learned is not limited to Sunday or a certain day of the week. Sabbath rest is the lifestyle of a child of God. It’s the daily rhythm of our life.

Now, our “A Home at Rest” series will take us, this Thursday, to “Physical  Rest”, then “Relational Rest,” then “Financial Rest”, etc.

So, below is the listening guide to our video and after the video, you will find the other documents I have for you!

A Home at Rest – Video 4 Listening Guide

A Home at Rest – Video 4 listening guide



Positive Confessions PDF 2

Positive Confessions WORD


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