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Since our 1st video in our new “YOUR Life and Home” series, I’ve had so much fun taking some “still” time every once and a while and work on that list.

What list? Well, you need to watch the first video that I posted a couple of days ago to get this series started! So excited about this one y’all..and humbled that you’ve chosen to journey it out with me.

But while I sit here in Rip’s recliner, watching him whip up some Chinese cuisine with Hailey, for us tonight (…of course, I didn’t put up any resistance giving up the cooking for tonight…duh, what normal woman would!? haha!)  But as I watch him, I had to add to my list something about “me” that I just have to be bone honest about y’all!

I love his back! I do! I’m telling you, my hard-working man has the widest, strongest, broadest back and it’s gotta’ go on the list because I tend to take a lot of pics of it, too….

rip back

I also spent a great part of my day doing something that I look forward to every time – I chalk-painted and worked on chalk-painted projects. And THAT homey-decorative thing is always fun therapy for me.

But I thought I’d just share my list with you, and if you want…do the same! Keep this in mind too…we aren’t being “wrong” in this process. We aren’t “boasting, being self-centered, or glorying in self.” We are starting into this new series taking some time writing out a few things that we know about ourselves that is real, makes us happy, and are “simple fun facts” that makes us (ultimately our homes) have the life God “fearfully and wonderfully” created us to have! So, share your list in COMMENTS below, or go to our FACEBOOK group page and post away! I can’t WAIT to read some…and celebrate celebrate YOU, too!!  And see just how this community rolls!

My list for Your Life and Home list

We are all homemakers who are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made, and there is not one thing, not one iota of a thing, wrong with us taking some time to just write down and praise God for how HE CREATED each of us to be just as HE wanted, as HE wired and as HE wondered us to be!  And it’s all wrapped up in how we “make home.”

This is going to be fun…and here’s my commitment to you – I will blog every day, but I will post a video every 2-3 days so you’ll want to make this page a FAVORITE or mark it somehow because this series will keep moving.

I love you all,



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