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I remember when I was surfing through a great website (probably 4-5 years ago), I saw that the owner and creator of the site had more of what I was wanting, but when I would click on it, it would say “Members Only.” Recipes, workout plans, and more bible devotional materials were there, IF I was willing to pay the membership fee.

Which I did! I loved her content so much, that I became a member of Dashing Dish

As I loved the simplicity of the membership (started out with only a few extra recipes and only a few extra workouts,) I have watched Katie Farrell and her husband Sean, grow their membership exclusively for years. They, too, wanted to help people find more nutritious ways to enjoy foods they loved, while taking optimal care of their bodies. Through the Membership ($7.00 a month), they have increased month after the month the amount of material provided for their members. Started very small, but as their “space” grew in their time commitments, the membership content grew.

Rip and I have always had it as our vision to have Interior Inspirations as our career. Interior Inspirations is our life and it’s our desire! (As we see in the life of Chip & Joanna Gaines, owners of Magnolia Homes, Magnolia Market, Magnolia House and the hosts of Fixer Upper on HGTV.) When you do business together as a couple, you do need to treat it as just that – a business. BUT for Rip and I, we are so passionate about the ministry side of I.I.

We love seeing homes created to be the home people are wanting! We love seeing moms and dads love their callings. We love seeing husband and wives living the Song of Solomon marriage God created. We get so excited when families let us know how much a video series meant to them — and from us and our other Inspirers, there has been such wonderful “glory stories.”  It’s why Rip and I do what we do – and it’s why we love what we do, and it’s why Interior Inspirations is the desire of our heart – that it is all that we do.

Rip and I are just getting started (2 years young), and because folks have asked about certain items in our home, we started 7 Acres Mart (a place where we will be adding even more home decor’ items from vendors in 2016).  After being advised, we also started our own Membership area for those who want to participate in my bible studies, get recipes from our kitchen, the printables I use, more videos and helpful homemaking tips….and now that I am no longer working at another full time job, Rip and I will be able to feed the Membership as we have always longed to! With more videos on “how to” do things, the renovations we have currently going, I am still teaching bible study, and now the membership, blog and inspiration areas of the site are going to be fed by other “creative and inspirational” folks. (Can’t wait for you to meet some new additions to the team!)

As with Dashing Dish, when you want to provide more things in print like books, guides, colorful and more beautiful photos of ideas, more video, and try to meet the demands of what people are asking for, then it’s time to generate income so that you can give more!!

Katie started with her membership option years ago and through it, has been able to write and provide a book, and has her own online SHOP – Click here!

We do want to hear from you, too….what do YOU want to receive from Interior Inspirations? We really would like to hear from you as we move forward into 2016.

Blessings to you and we love you, appreciate you and can’t wait for another year of Interior Inspirations!

Rip & Lisa


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