Is Little Enough?

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Good Monday morning!

So, while I was warming my 2nd cup of coffee, I looked over at my Bible study that was all wide open and is just a world of wonder and intimacy for me, and I had this thought —

“THAT is what makes a house a home. That right there. The Living Word of God. And THAT is plum plenty! That’s enough.”

So if we were really truthful — what woman and homemaker doesn’t love to do all she can to adorn her home with (what Rip likes to call) froo-froo — beautiful and sentimental items, pieces, furnishings, and decor’. It’s just how we express ourselves in doing all we can to create opened arms to our family and friends. Decorating is not only how you mix textures, patterns, colors and accessories. Decorating also is a way to create an “invitation” – an invitation to experience the heart of the home –


We cook, we clean, we bake, we shop, run errands, decorate, work our jobs, organize our homes, fluff pillows, read books, tuck in bed, make lunches, etc. … we do what we do because we LOVE serving our people as serving the Lord.


It really is the one thing.

The main thing of our lives that is enough. Why? Because …

“God is love.” 1 John 4:8

While I’ve been working in this new bible study, Rip and I were watching Dr. Adrian Rogers on DVD last night as he was talking more about the lesson. And one quote he said resonated with us so much. He said,

“When little is not enough, nothing is enough.” – Dr. Adrian Rogers

Now, he was referring to all that we live with … thingshow we live. He was referring to the lure of the “things” of this world – the cravings of sinful man, the feasting of the eyes on stuff and wants, and the boasting of what one has and does (1 John 2:15-17) – He referred to all of that as the “nothings” of this world because it all comes to nothing. He went on to say it all comes NOT from the Father, but from the world. Our stomachs are not the only part of us that has cravings and over-indulges. So does our eyes. The phrase, “feast your eyes on this” literally means binge out on! To take it all in. But…

“When little is not enough, nothing is enough.”

The one who does not love the world or does not crave, feast or brag about any “thing” they have or does, is one who has come to the place of home – the home of God’s own heart – the place of doing the will of God – the place of  obedience. (I John 2:17)

And that place is LOVE.   Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. Anyone who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me.” John 14:23-25

This is just where I am in my life right now – asking God for His priorities and perspectives with the simplest of child-like faith.(Matthew 18:3)

When I look at this little angel walking in the warmth of the sun, all bundled up in her coat and boots, taking one step at a time, all I really see is a little girl who is so dependent on her mommy and daddy and everyone whom God has placed in her life to be His hands and His heart toward her.  You see, there are needs in her life. And as she walks along that path, she isn’t concerned about all those needs. They aren’t on her mind, instead her profile shows that she’s just looking down at the gravel road, possibly just watching for her new discovery. A frog. A pinecone or a sparkling pebble. Her child-like faith is not consumed with all that she can and can’t do. All that she needs and needs done.  She can’t tend to herself. She can’t be left alone. She can’t be neglected or abandoned. She can’t be expected to do more than she is able. She is a child.  A child who can trust. A child who can depend upon. She can look to. She can hope for. She can expect and count on. She can walk with. She can be held by. She can be enjoyed. Delighted over. Sung to. Watched. Wanted. Cared for. Nurtured. Clothed. Fed. Encouraged. Helped. And … LOVED.

Yes, y’all, I see a child-like contentment in this photo and that contentment is this – to simply be a little child. 

“When little is not enough, nothing is enough.” 


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