How to Whitewash Fireplace Brick

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Good Monday Morning!

*Click on the right arrow on the photo above to see the after photo!

Rip and I have been having some reno good times at our home lately! I’ve been off the computer more than normal and with a paintbrush in my hand WAY more than normal, along with some mortar, tile, wood, and plenty of nails and screws!

But want to show you the difference a little whitewashing can do if you have a brick fireplace and would like to freshen and update it a wee bit.

The items you’ll need are:

1 pint latex paint

inexpensive paintbrush (want it rather stiff)

painters rags


Mix half water and half latex exterior paint. I poured paint into a tupperware container and then added water. Stir it up really well and it will be watery. Start at the bottom and work your way up, but you want to cover a 4-5 bricks at a time with the paint/water mixture, then rub it with a rag immediately. The longer it sits, it will soak into the brick, so if you want a heavier look, just don’t rub as much off. Also, if you have darker bricks peppered throughout the fireplace and would like for them to stand out, simply rub off more paint. I wanted a more “smooth” look with the whitewashing, so I tried to do a pretty even coverage , but there are a few that have more paint rubbed off and I like how it turned out.

This is about a 2 1/2 – 3 hour project and you will need to work all the way through until it’s complete so it doesn’t look blotchy. But if you like the heavy look, you may want to use thicker paint/water mixture. It’s just up to personal liking!!

We love our new fireplace…and there is more, so much more to come!

Happy Homemaking!


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