10 Ideas for Your Fall Tables

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What is it about the calendar saying “September” that nudges us to peruse through magazines and Pinterest boards looking for fall-ish menus, fall-ish fashion, and fall-ish home décor? I even found myself the other day walking in the back of our land, noticing all the changes in nature and thinking, “I’m in the middle of the most spectacular design board!” The colors, the textures, … nothing compares with nature! So, if you’d like to take just a minute or two … how about we take a little stroll through mine and Rip’s backyard together, so you can see what inspired me to share ideas for our setting a fall table.


What God does in nature is not only awe-inspiring, but the smallest fleck of fall that we see all around us gives us so much inspiration to ENJOY IT!

This next photo is our kitchen table. I wanted something simple, nothing that needed watering or much care, and could easily be removed when it’s time to place a 2-3 course meal on the table. So, I took a stone oblong bowl, placed two pumpkins inside, and stuffed in some faux plants from Hobby Lobby along the sides and Viola! A centerpiece is made! One of the pumpkins was actually an activity we did with my parents, daughter and son-in-law. We each wrote what we were thankful for on the pumpkin, so now it’s not only a reminder of the goodness and grace of God, but is a daily visual of family! The placemats are some I picked up in Columbia TN last year at their local Dollar Tree…and they are the cutest things!


IDEA #1 – Make It Not Match – If you can set up a table outside…this is such a special time of year when the weather cooperates with outdoor dining. Love the vintage unmatched chairs, different colored cloth napkins, (you know how much I LOVE cloth napkins!!….and IRONED cloth napkins at that!)  The small aged silver vases filled with small flowers…tall candles and look closely. What is that you see on each and every cloth napkin?? It’s a harmonica! Now THAT is fun!  I’m not real excited about the chairs being on the rock floor; grass and dirt would be just fine. But it’s perfectly placed beside that big oak tree, so that matters 🙂


IDEA #2 – Simple and Cozy –  The 3 large paper balls may not be to your liking, but the rest of this is so cozy. They threw a blanket over the table, tossed a few more over the chairs and set the table all with glassware. Simple and perfect for an outdoor brunch or evening meal.


IDEA # 3 – Go Back In Time – There’s just so much darlin’ on this table…you can tell the homemaker put a good bit of thought behind what she wanted it to ‘say’ to her guests. She had me at, “Hello vintage photos of family” all centered on IRONED cloth vintage napkins. Blue and White contrasted with textured straw chargers (who would’ve thought!), and that beautiful table runner giving the perfect platform for a beautiful floral arrangement to be center stage!


IDEA #4 – More Is Sometimes Needed – One thing that makes a forest grand is ALL the trees. Sometimes when you have a wide and long table, it’s inviting you to place more candlesticks, more vases, more pumpkins, more greenery… keeping everything centered, you can still create a beautiful fall table with a little bit of abundance. This table would also be beautiful if it had one long dough bowl full of foliage, or even a large dark container filled with tall branches. **Notice the mix of chairs again…love the charm of that!


IDEA #5 – Go Big! – As I was saying ….sometimes you just need to go big or go home! Well, … if you are home, then just consider going big!  The container is so tall and the branches stems in the water are also so long that it does not obstruct the view of the people around the table from seeing each other. But it is a beautiful, actually stunning sight to see on this farmhouse table, with the mid-century chairs, these gorgeous branches that were obviously broken right off the tree.


IDEA # 7 – People Celebrate People – If you think about it, the best celebrations are celebrations of people! Birthdays, anniversaries, personal accomplishments…so this idea really is one that can be adjusted in many ways. But the idea is still so unique in how you can place in the center of your table an opportunity to be reflective. Using saucers or dishes, place nature in the bottom. Then using photo stands from any local craft store or as antique finds, display authentic family and friend photos. Then cover them with these clear cloche domes.


IDEA # 8 – Whatever You Have, Use It – When you get ready to display flowers or greenery, look around your work shop, your kids toys, the garden shed, and anywhere around the house where you can find containers and use them. It makes the table not only interesting, but great conversational pieces.


IDEA # 9 – Be Creative In the Flowers You Choose – Yes, I loved the idea of placing plants in these cute old spice containers, but what also caught my eye is the flowers they chose. There are some that are actually ‘flowers’ but they also used some sparse wild grass with them. Makes it whimsical and not so ‘prepared.’  But the amber glasses also are a great touch of color.


IDEA # 10 – Craft It! – These pumpkins are only 3 things – a ball of batting, a large circle of quilting fabric, and a faux stem.  You could make things country like what you see in this photo, or you can make them all white and spray the stem gold. Or make them all out of velvet, or burlap, corduroy or neutral plaids. But one thing that really makes a table special is when you sit down and see something that little hands made or that was simply homemade. It gives the table a little touch of … love. 

Happy Homemaking,



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