Let’s Talk Green for a Minute

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A question I’ve been asked from time to time is, “Can I mix blues with greens, or greens with grays when I’m decorating a room?” And that’s when I love to take them by the hand, walk with them outside and ask, “What do you think?” (smile)  It’s also when showing photos like the ones below that actually come in handy … as you look at each nature photo, notice all the shades and hues of greens, blues, grays, yellows, corals and oranges, and browns. These outdoor photos give an excellent palette of colors for decorating any room. But after we take a little time to admire these pictures of trees, (and if I could put it all to some lovely instrumental music, you know I would!), I’ve also gathered several images of kitchens, family rooms, and furniture that all showcase these gorgeous colors of God’s handiwork.




So, let’s talk green…

This living room shows how what we see in the above photos of nature can be replicated inside our homes with the selections of paint, fabrics, and textures.  This room is quite fancy-smancy, but I appreciated that the walls are painted a beautiful smoky blue (like the sky) and the contrast of the white fireplace gives such a soft break between the walls and those eye-catching green sofas. The metal and glass coffee table is pretty, but if you really wanted to add some texture, a dark stained table (like the stain on the sofa legs) would also be an anchor to the space and give the room more warmth.

Fab Mood Image

What I absolutely love about this bedroom is how it literally has been pulled together with several colors of nature. Deep dark green walls, wood grain bed with a dusty beige headboard, pops of greens and brown in the pillows, the small basket of dusty red eucalyptus, the gray blanket thrown over the bed (the color of the sky when a storms brewing), and even the rug has deep shades of blues, greens and grays. It just invites you to … rest. 

This green … so warm without being too dark. With the white countertops, and the touch of gold framed mirrors and the gold framed print keeps this butlers pantry elegant, simple, and still so inviting and serviceable. The right mix of the wooden box with a small vase giving that “sprig of a tree” just the right amount of attention brings the natural contrast of the outdoors. I don’t drink alcohol so I’d do away with the platter of whatever that is, and replace it with a mini tea or coffee service.

East 9th Images


Or maybe paint a room a beige-green.  A green that is soft, subtle and is more on the brown-beige hue works as neutral with so many other colors. A shade of green like what is in this room looks so pretty with the accent colors – navy blue and dusty corral.

Magnolia Blog – Castle Images

If I bought a gallon or two of any green it would be the Magnolia 1905 . This green on these kitchen cabinets is just the right shade for our home because of its creamy warm undertones. It looks so pretty with oak and amber stained woods, and the contrast with white countertops just makes for a clean and inviting little space. When I look at these two photos, I literally see the contrastig colors of our backyard. Branches, leaves, grasses… everything in this kitchen isn’t stark and bright, but warm and cozy.

The countertops in this photo are the countertops in our kitchen … so if I do paint our kitchen 1905 this fall, I’ll be sure to share the finished room with you! Poor Rip … if he leaves for another hunting trip, he just may come home to a transformed kitchen! I’ll tell him it’s called “HUNTER Green!”

Magnolia The Castle Collection Images

Here’s another great way to add green to your room. If your room is a neutral space with neutral furnishings and neutral decor, adding a green sofa not only would add some warmth but would be quite the statement piece. This room joined together the green sofa with the brown chairs and, again, the colors of nature always always work together beautifully. But what if your room has more blues, more pastels, or more reds/mauves? Can you still add green? Absolutely…because green truly is a universal color that tends to work with any other color. The most important aspect to consider is the shade of green. This room did not place a bright emerald green sofa in the space, but a sofa that seems to be mimicking the oak leaves behind it.

Image found on Pinterest

Lastly, this white bright room has a focal point that is so well put together! The fireplace – it is a nice warm green with such unique decor, but if I were allowed a moment with the mantle, I’d only leave the mirror and the clear vase that is showing off a beautiful fall branch!  The green and blue chairs that flank the fireplace, the green pillow on the sofa with the bright “sunny” throw cascading down the side arm … all colors of the great outdoors! This mid-century modern room did such a gorgeous job joining the elements of nature with the contemporary style of furnishings. So pretty!

Better Homes and Garden Image

Green is such a wonderful color to work with, mainly because it just works with any and every color possible!

Have fun and happy homemaking!



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