Our ‘Could Be’ Kitchen

By lisa rippy / March 20, 2023

It was a beautiful sunny moment when Rip and I walked into the kitchen of our little farmhouse for the first time when we knew it could be quite the kitchen, yet, would need a whole lot of refresh. Nothing about it was offensive or dirty – actually, it was hugely…

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Let’s Elope!

By lisa rippy / March 29, 2022

Wearing blue jeans, a hot pink T-shirt, worn out cowgirl boots and my hair pulled back in a clippy, I met Rip at the Home Depot parking lot 9 years ago today. Now, he was sporting his Kroger navy blue dress shirt and kacky pants, but the one thing we…

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"I Still Do" Actually Started with a Teeny Tiny Box and a Prayer

By lisa rippy / March 26, 2018

I’m going to share something with you in this blog that I’ve only been able to share with a small group of friends and with the deacons of our church, by the invitation from my friend and pastor, Ronnie Falvey. __________________ Last November 2017, right after we launched in October…

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Falling In Love…Again! A sweet visit with Kimandria Futral

By lisa rippy / October 31, 2016

When we think about “falling in love” what a wonderful thought it is…and when we think of falling in love over and over again, what an even greater and more wonderful thought! My sister and friend in Christ, Kimandria Futral, shares such wisdom in how to live falling in love…

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We Have an Announcement!

By lisa rippy / October 10, 2016

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The Power of Words in Our Marriages

By lisa rippy / April 27, 2016

David Jeremiah: I remember when I was sitting among a group of people, getting ready to strategize some areas of ministry, when a woman walked over to the table and said to her husband who was sitting with us, ‘We have a babysitter tonight, so we may need to leave…

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