Your Story Matters

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“The LORD our God has shown us his glory and greatness…” Deuteronomy 5:24

Standing on stage in front of the church; several young girls sang out; “We’ve a story to tell to the nations”, that will turn our hearts to the right, a story of truth and mercy, a story of peace and light.”

Oh the places you have gone, in your few short years.  Life has taken you down pleasant strolls, steady paced marathons, deliberate detours and a few wrong turns.  Your story includes ALL that happens during the strolls, the marathons, the detours as well as the wrong turns.  God wants people to hear your experiences; how He brought you through and to this present age.  The Lord is honored and glorified each time you willingly share the great and mighty things He has done for you.

Here is one such story.  God’s and Mine

While working as a nanny for some dear friends; Joy and Dean Burrow, I prayed and asked the Lord for $300.00. My friends, Susan and Charles needed that specific amount, to cover one of the many fees necessary, in the adoption process. They were adopting little Elana, from the Russia.  We had prayed for years that God would bless them with a biological child but God had another plan.  He wanted Elana, to be part of their lives.

Here’s the rest of the story…

It was the week before Christmas and as I gathered my things to leave the Burrows for the evening,  Joy wrote out my check and handed me a Christmas card.  Inside the card was a bonus check for $300.00.  I began to cry, uncontrollably. God placed the specific amount Susan and Charles needed; right into my hands, to accomplish His purpose in Elana’s life.  Isn’t He AMAZING?

You never know when your story might encourage another person.  I beg you dear reader, to share it!  Your story matters.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, You have given me a story to tell.  May I obey You and share it today.  In Jesus Name. Amen

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