A Rental Renovation – and newest team members!

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When Lisa and I first walked into this particular rental renovation project, Lisa called the owner and apologized to them for how their property had been "disrespected." She wasn't the one who needed to apologize, but she hated it for the property owners to be left with such a devastated house. It was pretty bad. [...]

Rip & Lisa Covering a Front Porch with Brick Pavers

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One thing Lisa and I like about our work is how versatile our jobs are from house to house. One day, we're taking out an entire master bathroom, or we're completely transforming an entire kitchen, or we're working off a homeowner's "handyman" punch list. From building, painting, shopping, landscaping, home repairing & renovating, installing, designing, [...]

Weather Stripping & The Word of God [video]

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I had a thought that I wanted Lisa and I to share with you... Weather stripping is no small thing. Without it, the door doesn't operate as it should. Hot and cool air escapes and enters the house and causes the electric bill to increase. So many things can go wrong when that one seemingly [...]

How God Organized Our Life to GO with Him to Mississippi

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Happy Sunday morning! In this video, Rip tells the story in how God started back in August 2015, really organizing our life, getting us more focused and intentional, to get us here in Mississippi. We knew "change" was coming, but had NO idea what that change was. In August, He told me, "Work Interior Inspirations [...]

Time to Whip Up Some Chicken Marsala and Build a Bench!

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Nothing like coming home and having your friend, Chris Bonee, in your kitchen cooking up a delicious meal! My home smelled just like Olive Garden and so I had to grab my camera and capture the whole excitement in our home! I'm not a wine drinker, and have never cooked with wine, so this was [...]

Rip & Lisa’s Reno’s…so far!

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It's still a work in progress, but here is where we "were" and here is where we "are!" BUT, if you are a MEMBER of Interior Inspirations, by November 15th, Sunday, we are going to be posting another video and we want YOU to help us with the rest of our renovations!!  We [...]

Ain’t About the Fancy, but the FUN! – So, Rip Reno’s at 7 Acres!

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Rip took off work for a couple of days to get some hardwood flooring installed and I just had to get it on video so you can see just how .......... CUTE HE IS!! Got his little knee pads on, TN orange T, got his work boots on -- just too much! But [...]

Welcome – Make Yourself at Home!

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We’re thrilled you've chosen to walk a little closer and be among the first to hear from Rip & Lisa! We hope you’ll gather up your own ideas and inspiration from having an inside look into the fuller life of #MyInteriorInspirations, packed with extra videos, blog posts, recipes, tons of giveaways and so much more!! Also, [...]

Simplify Your Life – It All Starts in the Morning

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It's true! When mornings are hectic, rushed and hurrying us into a new day, that sets the pace for the rest of the day.  We can find ourselves by noontime looking at our watches already counting down to when we'll get a "do-over" ... when we'll have a new day. BUT - if we could [...]