Enjoy Home – {video and photos to inspire!}

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No matter our age, no matter our season of life, no matter our occupations, callings, or careers there is one thing we have in common with our family, friends, neighbors and with every tribe, nation, and people group all around this world. It's a very special and exciting opportunity!  It's an opportunity given to each of [...]

Homemaking that Makes Sense Videos … #CHRISTMASTIME

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Hi Friend! The photo for this blog is so special to me because it shows one of my favorite "vintage" books...and the simple Christmas ornament always keeps me reminded of the real meaning of why we decorate and celebrate this time of year - the beautiful Reason of the Season - the birth of Jesus! [...]

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

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  This is is the easiest and quickest casserole you'll find - and it's DELICIOUS! This has become my "go-to" anytime I'm taking a meal to someone, or if we just need something easy and yummy. Sometimes we get into the mindset that when we're taking a meal, everything needs to be perfect and gourmet. [...]

Finding Your Decorating Style

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Interior Inspirations is all about the interiors of your home and what it means to be a homemaker - but the most important thing we focus on is the HEART behind all of it! Decorating, entertaining, and all of those sorts of things are worthless if our hearts aren't pointed towards Christ and how we can [...]

Little Traditions: It Starts with Cinnamon Toast!

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I wouldn't classify myself as a cook. At all. I would probably put myself more in the "follows a recipe and doesn't want to linger in the kitchen" category. I have friends that love to bake; they find it really soothing to be mixing and putting things in the oven. I also have friends [...]

Homemaking with Friends and Family

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Is there anything else better than coming home from a long day and smelling the welcoming aroma of dinner cooking? As wives and mothers, we carry so many weights on our shoulders, but putting dinner on the table for our family doesn't have to be burdensome.  But how? Let me share a few ideas. This [...]

Homemaking Done Right – Part 1 – Intro to Series

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Hey y'all! So many new homemakers are joining us here at My Interior Inspirations, and we are just tickled pink!  On November 1, 2014, we started a series called, "Homemaking Done Right - 7 Simple Secrets to Embracing Homemaking" and to help everyone feel caught up and WELCOMED, we decided to share the series again. [...]

Home: What Makes the Difference?

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Hi, everyone! When asked to write about the concept of home, my mind has gone in a million directions. While that’s nothing new for me (multitasking mother of three, what can I say?), I have to admit I’ve struggled to figure out a way to narrow down my thoughts on this one. Admittedly, I’ve been [...]