A Home at Rest – Devotional R.E.S.T. – Video 13

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Hi! It's Monday and that means --- our final video of the series. Y'all, can you believe that we have been going steady for 13 straight videos together? I'm going to miss you, but we're just going to have to keep going! I looked at all your suggestions and thoughts on what you would [...]

A Home at Rest – Recreational R.E.S.T. – Video 12

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Hi friends! Well, here we are at the next to the last video in our "A Home at Rest" series and this is only 13 minutes in length, and I hope this one video will really really encourage "recreation" in our lives ... as regularly as we have work, rest, and so many other [...]

Spring Brings New Life to a Madison Family’s Home

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It was spring of 2016 when I drove up a long driveway that was shadowed by beautiful oak trees.  I had a feeling things were fixing to get real interesting. And they did! As I parked my car, I couldn't help but notice the quiet. The beauty of the surroundings was simple and natural, [...]

A Home at Rest – Emotional/Mental R.E.S.T. – Video 10 (Prt 3)

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Happy New Day!! The sun is rising and it's going to be another amazing day! Here is the next and FINAL video in "A Home at R.E.S.T. - Emotional/Mental Rest Part 3"  -- This one video is 38 minutes so you may want to get the kiddos down for nap, make a cup of [...]

Memorable Mistletoe Moments and Holiday Table Decor

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This is what I've learned about walking with the Lord - with each day, there is never a coincidence. Everything is planned by His knowledge, purposed by His decisions, and has such kingdom value that even a smile can be used by God to make a memorable moment. That seems to describe Mistletoe Marketplace [...]

Enjoy Home – {video and photos to inspire!}

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No matter our age, no matter our season of life, no matter our occupations, callings, or careers there is one thing we have in common with our family, friends, neighbors and with every tribe, nation, and people group all around this world. It's a very special and exciting opportunity!  It's an opportunity given to each of [...]

5 Ways to Bring Cheer To Your Home

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Cheer. That is such a wonderful word to describe a home, isn't it? Cheerful. Cheering. Cheeriness. Cheerly. When used in the form of a noun, it means "optimism, happiness and confidence." An example of cheer as a noun is, "His dad was full of cheer as he watched his son play his heart out in the [...]

Mike & Sharon Davis Have a New Master Bathroom!

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One thing that I LOVE to see is this -- family's having the HOME they long for! And with the Davis' family, I am here to tell ya' ... they LONG for family! And they experience it every day. They work together, vacation together, and it's just remarkable to me how intertwined they all are in [...]

5 Tips in Organizing Your Home Office

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It's Labor Day! And while Rip finishes up building his new shop (photos and videos to come!!), I am FINALLY tackling the organization of our home office. I've had this space since we moved here and due to a wonderful thing - our business is growing rather quickly - I have taken off this entire [...]

Rip & Lisa’s Reno’s…so far!

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It's still a work in progress, but here is where we "were" and here is where we "are!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jJHFwCI1ts BUT, if you are a MEMBER of Interior Inspirations, by November 15th, Sunday, we are going to be posting another video and we want YOU to help us with the rest of our renovations!!  We [...]

It Ain’t About the Fancy, But the FUN! – Part 1

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VIDEO CHANGE!!!! I DIDN'T REALIZE UNTIL THIS AFTERNOON THAT I HAD POSTED THE WRONG VIDEO. BELOW IS THE 1ST VIDEO TO OUR NEW HOMEMAKING SERIES.   When it comes to decorating our home, one of the first things that may come to our minds is - WHERE DO I START? One of the basic "decor' [...]

How To Get Your Home “Market Ready”… (the way you really want to live!)

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ej19_92BJFA A friend asked what to do to get her home "market ready" on our Facebook group page, and so since she is not alone in taking advantage of this PEEK season of home-buying, I thought I'd make a quick video to help. But, if you stop and think about it, when our home [...]

Get Ready for the Fall, Y’all!

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One of the reasons why Interior Inspirations was even started in 2004, is because I saw a trend...more and more wives and mothers wanted "home," but were feeling as though they were just maintaining (to the best of their abilities) "house." The routines of the house, the upkeep of the house, making sure the house [...]