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All the Printed Materials for the “Home at R.E.S.T.” Series

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Below is all the Printed materials for the "A Home at R.E.S.T." Video Series - The Playlist for the Series is on our YouTube Channel.  You will find each session in a WORD or PDF format, along with the Positive Confessions document in WORD. The featured image is our family room and that little [...]

A Home a Rest – Emotional/Mental R.E.S.T. – Video 9 (Prt 2)

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Have you ever faced a situation or a circumstance in your life that was so emotionally and mentally challenging that you honestly didn't know if you were going to make it? Have you ever hurt so deeply or had such a mental load or were overwrought with thoughts of rejection, betrayal, hurt, fear, worry [...]


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This is a video I made in response to some questions I had gotten from some of you about the "PHYSICAL" area of rest in our life...you wanted just a wee bit more info. on Plant Paradox, hypothyroidism, and how to bring R.E.S.T. into the physical areas of our life and home. So, here [...]

A Home at Rest – Relational R.E.S.T. – Video 6

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Hi friends! Well, we made it already to Video #6 and it is one that is so so so incredibly important IF we are going to live, truly live, in biblical rest. This is the biggy, because we are going to see how our vertical relationship with God is in connection with our horizontal [...]