Spring Brings New Life to a Madison Family’s Home

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It was spring of 2016 when I drove up a long driveway that was shadowed by beautiful oak trees.  I had a feeling things were fixing to get real interesting. And they did! As I parked my car, I couldn't help but notice the quiet. The beauty of the surroundings was simple and natural, [...]

Memorable Mistletoe Moments and Holiday Table Decor

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This is what I've learned about walking with the Lord - with each day, there is never a coincidence. Everything is planned by His knowledge, purposed by His decisions, and has such kingdom value that even a smile can be used by God to make a memorable moment. That seems to describe Mistletoe Marketplace [...]

An Inspired Room from an Inspirational Family

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There are some projects you know will always be engraved in your heart, and working with the Smith family is definitely one of those "captured" moments in my career. This is a family we stumbled upon when Rip and I were looking at some land. We found Tom Smith of Tom Smith Land and Homes, [...]

Simple Decorating Ideas in How To Add Color

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It caught my eye! I was driving home enjoying the sunshine pouring into my car and happened to glance over and noticed a flower bed full of beautiful hot pink flowers with lush green leaves. The colors were so pretty as the sun beamed directly on them! I couldn't help but smile at the creative [...]

Finding Your Decorating Style

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Interior Inspirations is all about the interiors of your home and what it means to be a homemaker - but the most important thing we focus on is the HEART behind all of it! Decorating, entertaining, and all of those sorts of things are worthless if our hearts aren't pointed towards Christ and how we can [...]

It Ain’t About the Fancy, But the FUN! – Part 1

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VIDEO CHANGE!!!! I DIDN'T REALIZE UNTIL THIS AFTERNOON THAT I HAD POSTED THE WRONG VIDEO. BELOW IS THE 1ST VIDEO TO OUR NEW HOMEMAKING SERIES.   When it comes to decorating our home, one of the first things that may come to our minds is - WHERE DO I START? One of the basic "decor' [...]

When Decorating Any Bedroom, the First Thing You Need to Ask Is This

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When decorating any bedroom, the first thing you need to ask is this: What decor' and colors do "I" really like that help set a relaxing and inviting atmosphere to this room?  I put the word "I" in quotation marks because something that I sometimes run into when helping a new client is this -- [...]

Simplify Your Life – How to Decorate a Builtin in 5 Minutes!

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Hi ladies! One way we can redeem the time is working off our "Home Index Cards".  When we find that we have only 5 minutes, we can do so much in working off those cards and making progress in completing a "home-goal". For me, there was this builtin in our family room that I had [...]