Look to the Lilies … and Watch What Happens Next!

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"Look to the lilies and how they grow..." Luke 12:27 I had one of those mornings - started off with reading Psalm 62, then Samantha came into the room and read to me her devotional from her new book, "Embraced." And in both times of just sitting and listening, it was this one thought that stayed [...]

7HHH – Habit #1 – Contentment Bible Study

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Hi there! Hope you are having a wonderful day! As you watch this video, you will want to print off this PDF  Habit #1 Contentment - Bible study lesson - It is a 2 page listening guide, so as we go a little deeper into this area of contentment, we can jot down some notes. [...]

7 Habits of a HAPPY Household – Habit #1 Contentment

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HAPPY Monday! Today we start into learning 7 habits of a happy household with Habit #1 - Contentment. Oswald Chambers wrote a message once titled, "Making a Habit to Have No Habits" and in that message what he was teaching was this - "Your habits should become such a part of your  life that they actually [...]