A Home a Rest – Emotional/Mental R.E.S.T. – Video 9 (Prt 2)

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Have you ever faced a situation or a circumstance in your life that was so emotionally and mentally challenging that you honestly didn't know if you were going to make it? Have you ever hurt so deeply or had such a mental load or were overwrought with thoughts of rejection, betrayal, hurt, fear, worry [...]

Absolutely! – Part 8 (Relational Absolute – 3)

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Did you know that there is something in the Bible that is so powerful, it literally holds every bit of God's promises in its core? God has said that as we daily draw near to Him, that we're to practice this ... ... literally, do it with increasing intentionality. With increasing focus and fervor. [...]

Homemaking that Makes Sense Videos … #CHRISTMASTIME

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Hi Friend! The photo for this blog is so special to me because it shows one of my favorite "vintage" books...and the simple Christmas ornament always keeps me reminded of the real meaning of why we decorate and celebrate this time of year - the beautiful Reason of the Season - the birth of Jesus! [...]

Mike & Sharon Davis Have a New Master Bathroom!

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One thing that I LOVE to see is this -- family's having the HOME they long for! And with the Davis' family, I am here to tell ya' ... they LONG for family! And they experience it every day. They work together, vacation together, and it's just remarkable to me how intertwined they all are in [...]

Small Space? Think “less & large”

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One of the greatest temptations in decorating any small space is to use small pieces .. and plenty of them. Trying to decorate a small space can be tricky when you also want to make it: feel inviting and cozy create function invite texture (texture always helps a space not look or feel one dimensional) [...]

Recipe for Stuffed Bell Peppers … and a habit of our household!

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One recipe that has always been one of my favorites is stuffed bell peppers. When I was a little girl, and it was time to stop playing kickball in the backyard and come in for supper, I remember always getting excited because my mother was (is) one amazing cook! She made the table look inviting [...]

18 Days ‘Til Christmas and I Choose To…

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Sometimes we just need to slow down, think things through, have a plan but then....HAVE some good o' Christmas FUN! This Christmas can be one of the most memorable, the most traditional, and the most meaningful Christmas ever for you and your family. To encourage just that, I thought I'd share STARTING TODAY, an ...... [...]

It’s a Soup and Sandwich Kinda’ Day

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It's Saturday morning and while Rip and I had some time at our "Gathering Place" (aka kitchen breakfast nook) this morning, all we could think was everything we need and want to get accomplished today. > Go to Krogerland (Rip's mission field), where he will make sure customers find what they need on the shelves, [...]

The Smiles of Home – It Ain’t About the Fancy, But the Fun!

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When I think about home, there is something that always happens - I smile. Looking around the place I find my husband's old worn out recliner and think about how each night we end the day there - it's our winding down place. Just thinking that THAT is where we will be by 9:00pm ... I [...]

My Story of God’s Great Mercy!

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This is a rather long post, but I woke up this morning and, well, I just felt I needed to share my apologies for the length. ________________________ I've never really shared much about how God's mercy and His loving kindness has restored my dignity after divorce. The reason is because restored dignity is a [...]

A Peaceful Relationship Cannot Be One-sided

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Good morning! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend and are up and at 'em on this new Monday! One of my favorites verses is Romans 12:18 - "If possible, on your part, live at peace with everyone." When I first read this verse, the words that jumped off the page were: "If," and "your".  That [...]

Get Ready for the Fall, Y’all!

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One of the reasons why Interior Inspirations was even started in 2004, is because I saw a trend...more and more wives and mothers wanted "home," but were feeling as though they were just maintaining (to the best of their abilities) "house." The routines of the house, the upkeep of the house, making sure the house [...]

Frying Up Some Bacon and Then Digging for Seashells

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Good morning friends....hope you are waking up to a beautiful new day? Here at St. George Island, the sun is rising, the sky is shades of blue, dusty rose and touched with morning gold, and although there is only one way on and one way off this beautiful island, we are staying ON! There is [...]

When Decorating Any Bedroom, the First Thing You Need to Ask Is This

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When decorating any bedroom, the first thing you need to ask is this: What decor' and colors do "I" really like that help set a relaxing and inviting atmosphere to this room?  I put the word "I" in quotation marks because something that I sometimes run into when helping a new client is this -- [...]

Lisa Rippy’s Newest Bible Studies…and more!

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Hello friends!! Well, now that Rip and I are back from the Send 2015 Conference, (...insert Hallelujahrrr!!), we are still without words in response to everything we experienced!  We both wanted to grab a selfie of our time together because we KNOW that "there is no such thing as a coincidence in the life of [...]

Family Bible Time Complete Series

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I just recently posted our final Family Bible Time video for this series, and I've been so blessed in sharing with you! Family Bible Time doesn't have to be elaborate (in fact, it really shouldn't be!). All you need is a short time to gather and a willingness to point your children to Christ. That's [...]