5 Ways to Bring Cheer To Your Home

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Cheer. That is such a wonderful word to describe a home, isn't it? Cheerful. Cheering. Cheeriness. Cheerly. When used in the form of a noun, it means "optimism, happiness and confidence." An example of cheer as a noun is, "His dad was full of cheer as he watched his son play his heart out in the [...]

Weather Stripping & The Word of God [video]

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I had a thought that I wanted Lisa and I to share with you... Weather stripping is no small thing. Without it, the door doesn't operate as it should. Hot and cool air escapes and enters the house and causes the electric bill to increase. So many things can go wrong when that one seemingly [...]

How to Make a Prayer Journal – Part 1 (by Elissa Roberts)

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Meet Elissa Roberts, a self-proclaimed hot mess (except more mess than hot) married to a coffee-loving, Scrabble genius and mom to three little girls who fill her life with tutus, glitter, and a lot of dance parties. She has a passion for helping women, wives, and moms live the abundant life they were meant to [...]

Frying Up Some Bacon and Then Digging for Seashells

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Good morning friends....hope you are waking up to a beautiful new day? Here at St. George Island, the sun is rising, the sky is shades of blue, dusty rose and touched with morning gold, and although there is only one way on and one way off this beautiful island, we are staying ON! There is [...]

A Daily Exercise That Will Empower You

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"Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth," Colossians 3:2. When I neglect the habit of daily exercise I can sure feel it. The core strength, the energy and the mental sharpness just isn't there. There is a definite difference in my life when I bypass the exercise my body needs [...]