Intentional Relationships

//Intentional Relationships

Intentional Relationships

“And when she has found it, she calls her friends and neighbors together, saying, “Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece which I lost!”  Luke 15:9

This woman lost one of her coins and searched carefully over her whole house until she found it.  She was so excited when she finally spotted her precious coin.  Do you have friends like this woman, who weep with you when you weep and rejoice with you when you rejoice?  Dear one, how I pray so.  We need friends who edify us and don’t tear us down.  Remember Job?  Poor guy.  His friends deserted him in his greatest time of need.

This week; I’ve been blessed to reunite with a dear high school friend.  Vicki Sigmon and I were best friends from third grade all the way through High School.  We went to school and church together and spent the night with one another through the years. When we graduated from High School; we lost touch with one another.  I mean totally and completely.  How does that happen in a world where we can keep in touch?

Our time together was so sweet. The few hours we had together on Monday; flew by like a few minutes. The years were swept away as we took up right where we left off; of course with more “adult” conversation.

Life.  It happens.  We change locations.  We change jobs.  We have families.  People become distanced from one another for varying reasons.

My college roommate Sheila Carpenter and I try to see one another several times during the year.  We are intentional to meet together because we put dates on the calendar to do so. Relationships must be intentional.  You can’t keep up with someone you never see or have conversation.

It takes effort to check in with a friend or family member. Honestly, it’s the same with God.  Although He never leaves you nor forsakes you; He wants you to seek Him and find Him, to search for Him with all your heart.  We seek to have fellowship and relationship with those whom God has lovingly placed in our lives.

Ask the Lord to show you those with whom He wants you to have close friendship.  Obviously it can’t be everyone.  Jesus Himself only had twelve people with whom He was close and He was God.  Be intentional about your friendships.  Seek to be a blessing and seek out those who will stand by you through thick and thin.


Lord Jesus, help me to be more intentional with those You have lovingly placed in my life.  I thank  You for the gift of friendship.  I need You to direct my path and order my steps even in the area of friendship.  Thank You for being my very best Friend.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.


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