Creating a Place of Rest

//Creating a Place of Rest

Creating a Place of Rest

It’s Tuesday … are you already up and at ’em??

In yesterday’s video I asked you to create a place in your home where you could go for one reason – to rest. To see that space, to know that space is right there for the purpose of drawing you in for a time of rest.  What can be a little tricky is actually finding that perfect little resting place because of all the activities of the home. So, thanks to Pinterest, I gathered up several photos of small areas in the home that would definitely draw me in for rest. They are small corners, or window seats, some of the photos are comfy chairs placed right beside a book shelf, and one of my favorite ideas is simple – a whole bunch of throw pillows and a blanket tossed on the floor in front of a fire!

Let’s gather some ideas from these pics in how we can create a place of rest for us within our own homes.

If it weren’t for that little ottoman…haha! I love putting my feet up when I am ready to rest, and this little corner has photos of obviously faces and places that make this homeowner happy! Then there are those 3 floating shelves for her books and study resources (wink wink) and right beside a window, too, so she can look out at the sky.  Sweetness, right!!??


LOVE ME A CHAISE!! … and yet, I don’t own one! But when you sit in a chaise, there is nowhere for the legs and feet to go but UP off that floor! This little corner is not only lovely, but with all the natural lighting, and the floor lamp, a nice tray, a sweet little blanket ready to be thrown over some tired and weary feet…it’s just inviting, isn’t it?



Got you a junior mattress? Then you could create this idea…(even though it is actually another chaise), you could use a junior mattress, too. If you have a sun porch, a nook in your master bedroom, or a small area nestled next to windows, this is a great idea!  Get you an oversized cushion and layer up with blankets, throws, pillows, have a small table or tray…and y’all…this little space is one that I would LOVE!!  You could watch the rain, feel the warm rising sun on your face, (well, that’s if you are facing east..haha), but you could just really have some still and quiet time in a little nook of the home like this one!



Ok, this is for all of you who love the trending light and bright neutrals, the mix of farmhouse and contemporary, (although I do see some dainty brass candlesticks,…(that’s a traditional touch). But this little corner has it all too…a way to put your feet up, comfort and plenty of lighting.



Now, this little corner looks like an “after thought” … but a good one! By the looks of the room, it almost appears that this amazing comfy chair was placed (wedged) right up between two pieces of furniture, and if it was, t’s perfect! Lighting all around, windows, another lamp for reading, that chair couldn’t be more comfortable … after all, look at that little cuddly ball of cuteness perched right on top!



Oh, if there is one thing I love it is shelves and shelves of books! Being a ridiculous reader, there is just something very comforting to me to sit in a corner like this, put my feet up, have the perfect lighting, (be nestled in an area that feel so quiet and still) and read. Reading has to be one of the top hobbies of my life and I know it’s because of this one reason – as I read, everything around me seems to hush. Seems to allow me to sit in silence and … grow! And it’s because of what I read that it excites me, challenges me, delights me and energizes me!



Here we are again … another window nook with a comfy chair, table, lighting and … stillness. You can look at this photo and almost begin to feel the quiet in that space. Aaaaahhh, are you starting to see the need for a “resting place” in your home?



Last but in no way least, nothing compares with grabbing up a whole bunch of pillows (feather filled is best!), and a soft blanket, a roaring fire and … just be.   You can find pillows on sale everywhere and it doesn’t matter if they match or “work well together.” Just make sure they are comfortable and you will enjoy them because even though it is a floor, it still needs to lure you in for rest.



Once you create your resting place in your home, share your photos at our facebook group page — we’d all love to see!!!


Here’s a few shopping items to help you in creating that special resting place – CLICK ON IMAGE to see pricing.






Have a great day friends!! And be sure to practice rest today. You will be so glad you did!



**Affiliate links are included, and photos are thanks to Pinterest!

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