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Prepare to be Inspired

Hey Y’all!  So glad you stopped by and I hope you’re here to be inspired!  If there is one thing that really puts a fire under Rip and me and gets us up in the morning it’s you. Tee-totally you! To share in one small moment of your day for the sole purpose of encouraging your life, well, that’s like pouring warm molasses on a hot buttered biscuit. Excuse the southern slang, but it don’t get no better than that! You are worth every bit of time, energy, sacrifice and saying no to frivolous things so we can give some little somethin’ to inspire the interior of your own life – your heart and your home.

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Many thanks to Lisa Rippy for all the excellent work so far! The consultation was so much fun and Lisa was so informative about looks and ideas that I hadn’t even considered—but that just shows how much she loves what she does. The slide-show presentation of ideas she put together for my home was so classy and impressive. I could not be more thrilled to be working with Lisa Rippy!
Maryalice and Allen Harris, Executive Director of Content Development at Ramsey Solutions & The Dave Ramsey Show.

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Interior Inspirations - Inspiring the Home

Inspiring Home

How one feels about homemaking makes all the difference.

In one of my favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy says it best while clicking the heels of her ruby red slippers, “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” How true! In the Rippy household, I love our traditional Sunday night fried egg sandwiches with the tallest glass of milk you can find. I love the way my husband always wants to end the day side-by-side in his recliner just to watch me doze off in his arms. But it’s also fun dusting the shelves, mowing the lawn, mending the shirt and sweeping the front porch. Why?  Because we can. We get to do it! There is no greater joy for us than to “make home” in this house for our family and friends.

Through Inspiring Home, Rip shares how home can be a place a man wants to run to, and not run from. I share how home is where the heart is, and will forever be.

Inspiring Home is not just about recipes or “how to’s” in organizing, making a space more functional or beautiful, and home management. But is more about the WHY behind making dinner … and beds … and memories. It’s about doing all those things that make home where our family and friends want to be. It’s about capturing the moment where their bellies get full and their souls get nourished.

Inspiring Home is all about bringing fresh ideas and inspiration as we live with hearts turned toward home. Because as we all know … How a person feels about homemaking makes all the difference.

Interior Inspirations - Inspiring the Family

Engaging Family

Engaging the Family is by embracing the home.

Family. A word that God created to be beautiful and full of life and purpose. As soon as you say it, you feel something. It’s inevitable. It’s a feely word.

As young parents, we pick up toys, wipe away tears, read bedtime books and bandage up boo-boos with an overwhelming feeling and awareness of investing – investing our time, attention, and love into every single one of those moments. Investing in family isn’t always easy, but it’s an honor none the less. Then as the children grow, showing their unique bents and personalities and starting to make their own life decisions, we realize the importance of family even more. As with children or adults, we all need to engage family.

The Rippy household is a blended family and it’s one that is much like yours. We all have been created by God to be interlocked with people who know us best and love us most. We need those sacred faces that say, “I accept you, love you and want you 100%.” We crave understanding and unconditional love with hands that hold and eyes that sparkle with grace. And those are the same faces that we need to also experience plenty of fun, silly and a whole lotta’ crazy!

Engaging Family provides some exciting encouragement, ideas, motivation and plenty of shoulders to lean on through other contributing bloggers, posts, and videos. Most importantly, it will be the living streams of God’s Word that will nourish and refresh our lives as we daily embrace home and express welcome. Because as well all know …Welcome Home are two words that express the embrace of two arms. So, engaging the family is by embracing the home.

I love the house where You live, O Lord,
the place where Your glory dwells.

Psalm 26:8 NIV

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