Working with Textures

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All colors and hues of blue may be an up-and-coming color for interior decor, but one thing I am really excited to see in all shapes, forms, sizes, styles, and shades of sheer fun is the touch of textures. Texture is what gives any home personality and is actually (for me) what creates warmth in a home.

Any time I’m asked to help a homemaker decorate, the one thing I ask is, “What do you see in this space?” Most of the time I get responses like, “I just want it to be more light & bright, calming, to look put-together, warm & cozy, a room my family will enjoy …” – words that describe really more of what they are wanting to feel. THAT is what textures do. We can paint walls, paint furniture (which I do plenty of), and we can place furnishings in a room, but after that it’s the added textures to any space that makes it sing the heart of the home.

When you look at this photo, what textures do you see? And in any room where there are windows to the floor, what is showing through the window offers texture to the space. You see the branches, see the furniture on the patio, you see urns or pots with greenery. So any time you are working with a space that brings in that much of the outdoors, that is still adding texture to your room. Name at least 5 textures you see in the photo.

II texture light blues

To name a few: 1) seagrass rug, 2) wood table, 3) upholstered furniture, 4) metal chandelier, 5) stone/slate fireplace

There is much more….with the use of accessories, we see a mix metals, glass, ceramic and books. And we can’t overlook the pouring in of light. Light is a texture because it allows shadowing and highlights to any space.

What about this photo?

II blue kitchen with textrue

Marble top, wood table showing grain, metal and wood combination, flowers, fruit, glassware, porcelain, tiles, and distressed beams. So much texture in one space and yet you can really see a personality of hospitality, readiness to serve and such warmth to this space.

While you are in your home, look about…can you decorate a room or a shelf or a bookcase with more textures? Sometimes it only means moving what you already have to another space, combined with other accessories.

II textures

Move cutting boards into the dining space, add a decorative piece above a pair of french doors, or maybe simply bring in some fresh clippings from the year and place them in plenty of vases. Can you add a soft rug to a space? Maybe faux paint a chandelier to give it texture and a unique look?

Here are a few before/after photos (who doesn’t love before & afters?!), that I found on Pinterest that shows some changes with texture –


II before bathroom photo

This homeowner added bead board to the walls, straw baskets to hold her bathroom “needs,” canisters that show bath salts, bars of soap, cotton swaps, and one that displays sea shells. Love how the added the small vase of flowers in the window and has a large pitcher that displays artificial dogwoods with an antique clock. Plenty of soft towels and all of it is showcased on new floating shelves. Simple. Clean. Textured.

II BEFORE bathrooms

Have fun bringing all textures into your home .. it truly is what makes a home look pulled together and full of personality. And while you decorate, remember….this is YOUR home. As the homemaker, as the one who God has given this honor of being a homemaker, it’s such a gift back to your family to enjoy it. Moving things around, added color, textures, and yes, painting a few things is not only fun, but it’s what we get to do as we make home for our family and for our friends.

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