While Dusting Under Our TV…

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One of the home projects I tackled this past Sunday was DEEP dusting. I took everything out of  our family room built-ins, removed every item off the tops of furniture pieces, and used nearly half a can of Pledge Extra-Moisturizing furniture polish. I was wanting to make sure every detail of our home that could be dusted, was!

Then, I completely redecorated our entire home! I completely redecorated our family room, the built-in, the dining room, kitchen, our bedroom, … it was time to just take all the decorative items in our home and pile them in the middle of the den floor and start anew! I had so much fun!! Nothing looked the same, and some items were not even reused. Some decorative pieces got a new “home” and some just needed a fresh coat of chalk-paint.

When I was completely finished dusting and redecorating, I stood back and thought:

“Now, THIS depicts what the Lord is doing in my life, in this season. He is tidying up and renewing my perspective, my daily plans, and my priorities.”

But it was while I was dusting under our TV that I realized even more what Psalm 119:37 is teaching:

“Turn my eyes from looking at what is worthless; give me life in Your ways.”

Psalm 119 is full of what I call “mini-prayers” – verses that you can pray that are (in and of themselves) addressing specific realities of our spiritual life and our practical life. In verse 37, we can pray what I see as God’s commentary on TV. His commentary is: “Turn your eyes away from looking at worthless things.”  Most of what our eyes see on TV depicts a world that either doesn’t exist or, (in the life of a Christ follower), shouldn’t exist. We are to live in the world, but not be of this world, and TV depicts an unrealistic world.  However, God’s Word deals with life as it really is!  And in my own life, part of His “tidying up” is helping me turn my eyes away from anything that tries to inflict or steal my greatest commodity – my TIME.

So, what is the prayer we can pray from Psalm 119:37? We can pray for divine realities, and to help us turn our eyes toward things of kingdom worth. We can pray for life in the ways of God, and not the ways of this world. We can pray for our time to be well invested, and not wasted.

And to think, all this …. while dusting under our TV. (smile!)


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