Where to Start When Redecorating a Kitchen

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Warm. Happy. Sunny. Bright. Cheerful. Clean. Organized. Simple. Beautiful. Joyful. Heartfelt. Do those words describe your kitchen? Yes, that one special room in our home that most reflects our “heart for home” is the kitchen. We tend to live in that one room more than any other, which makes it such a special gathering place.

And one of the things I most love about our Rippy Kitchen is it’s always changing. I love to swap things around from time to time, just to enjoy that new fresh look. But it’s always cooking up new dishes, baking somethin’ for under the vintage cake dome my daughter gave us for Christmas, or warming up some laughter and smiles as we talk about the gifts of inspiration found in our day!

II cake dome photo

So, where do you start when wanting to redecorate your kitchen? I have just 3 simple suggestions that will help get those creative juices going and get us started in redecorating our kitchen to even better express our “individual” hearts for home!

II kitchen redecorating

  1. Remove & Clean – before redecorating, it’s important to first remove everything off the counters, shelving, and any areas that will hold decor and clean them all. It is so much more fun to be working with prepared spaces that have been made free of dust and dirt. Want some inspiration from some of the 10 Farmhouse kitchens?

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2. When you look at how much counter space you have, the biggest temptation is to “fill it up.” To put all kinds of “froo-froo” all along the counters. But first, stand back and decide what items must remain. The coffee service? The paper towels? Cutting boards? Tea kettle? Canisters? You know what you want to get access to quickly, so that would be the first to decorate with. display them neatly and grouped. In the photo, Mustard Seed Interiors placed her items that must remain out first, then filled in just around the window with small potted plants.

II Kitchen island furniture

3. Nothing makes a kitchen speak the language of the family more than finding unique individual pieces … that you just don’t find anywhere else. Some kitchens are all the same – all white, subway tiles, granite or quartz counter tops, floating shelves, cabinets without doors,… sometimes as I scroll through Instagram or Pinterest, I see the same things repeated just in different ways. And I can’t help but wonder…are all homemakers truly this like-minded?

BUT, when I visit a home (or see a photo like the one here) of a kitchen that dared to place the families personality in the room…it’s refreshing! She lined up cookbooks above the door…(how fun!) She hung circular muffin tins on the wall. Love that! She added a chalkboard behind a sliding ladder…too cute! And the menu is written on a mounted backsplash! (wonder about grease getting on that, but still so fun!)

You may not have the space for a unique island, or an antique piece of furniture, or a retro table and chairs, or a Bohemian styled cabinet for displaying dishes, but you CAN pop in that kitchen decor’ those things that whisper your heart for home. Your unique personality that is so special to your family, because they will always remember how the kitchen truly was a reflection of you … & your love for home. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or handed down through the years (although, family heirlooms are so special!), but it certainly can be little finds at flea markets, or garage sales, or thrift stores, or junk yards, or attics, or depots where you just find a piece that resonates with you.

Redecorating a kitchen isn’t hard … it simply takes a little time and thought, but more than that … a whole lot of “heart” to create a space that says “Welcome.” A word our homes love to express because it’s a word with arms.

Have fun!


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