Week 4 – 1 John Bible Study (1 John 1:5-2:2)


Hi friends,

It’s raining here right now at our home in Mississippi as I sit here at my home desk hearing it pitter patter on the roof. What is it about the sound of rain that is so soothing?

Well, this past Wednesday night was another very special time in Bible study.

As you will hear at the beginning of the video lesson, I just wanted to first thank everyone for all the questions that have been sent to me via text and email, and before and after class regarding theological questions. ((( IF I haven’t replied to your email, I will. With the water crisis here in MS, my work hours have been rather full. )))

I delightfully recognize that some are seeking to understand deep areas of theology and doctrine – election, predestination, calling, regeneration, justification, sanctification – and it’s just a blessing for me personally to see such studious minds and hearts thinking on sacred truths. But as I shared in class this past week, (as I, too, continue striving to understand and grow in the wisdom of His Word), I love that we all are united in one spirit, wanting that ‘much fruit’ life in Christ. With all the discussions we’ve had lately, it brings to mind something Charles Spurgeon once said:

“I have endeavored, in my ministry, to preach to you, not a part of the truth, but the whole counsel of God; but I cannot harmonize it, nor am I anxious to do so. I am sure all truth is harmonious, and to my ear the harmony is clear enough; but I cannot give you a complete score of the music, or mark the harmonies of the gamut. I must leave the Chief Musician to do that.”

We studied this past Wednesday 1 John 1:5-2:2 and it was on the second test of genuine fellowship with God – The Certainty of Confession.

Attached is the Class Handout –

1 John Week 4 Certainty of Sin HANDOUT

and below is the link to the video lesson.


All previous class handouts can be found under the past blogs.

***Home Assignment is given in the Video lesson.

May God Bless You and His Favor Shine Upon You,


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